Latin American Monologue Festival returns to Cienfuegos

CIENFUEGOS – 5th. The Latin American Monologue and Terry Prize Festival (from 9 to 12 next day) will once again fill the halls of the Cienfuegos Theater and other performing arts venues in the city after it was postponed for two editions due to pandemic restrictions, said Miguel Canellas Sueiras, CEO of the festival. .

In exceptional cases, Monologue, the short form by which this cultural event is known, will include previous events in the community such as parades and presentations on the Paseo del Prado, in Martí Park, Muelle Real and on the boulevard, proposals aimed at bringing the performing arts to the public.

The program of the event includes reports, presentations of books and master classes intended for representatives of the performing arts and the general public. Among them,
“The Art of Learning” by actress and neuropsychologist Carina Picado Vargas and “Trilogy 68” by Mexican writer Tanya Elen Campos Thomas.

For the 5th edition, a total of 14 solo performances were selected from more than twenty actors from nine countries who submitted applications. The works that make up the program are owned by groups from Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Uruguay and Puerto Rico.

They are joined by seven national groups such as Teatro de la Utopia who will open the exhibition in competition with FK’s entry, Fantasy on Frida Khalo. In addition, Teatro La Rosa, Del Caballero, La Barca and Pálpito will take the stage. Also notable for the Greater Antilles is the presence of playwright and director Roxana Pineda, who has been awarded in previous editions.

The Monologue will consist of performances on diverse and current topics such as gender-based violence, pandemic drama, transgender themes, personal poetry, neuropsychology and others that the Cienfuegos audience will be able to enjoy in all the theaters of the city. city.

Canellas Sueiras, CEO of Monologue, recalled the start of the festival “which has always been about providing the city with a program that is easy to move and plan; and that it has become a cultural event that has filled these theater halls, which usually have regular provincial programs but lack a national perspective.”

In this case, Havana will be the additional venue for the closing sessions in Cienfuegos. The Teatro Café at the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center will host presentations from Costa Rica and Mexico. The Latin American Soliloquy Festival and the Terry Prize were instrumental in reviving a genre that had stagnated in the early years of this century.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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