Competition of graphic humor, memes and gifs “Better, it’s possible”

Cubans of any age living in our country are invited to participate.

The competition will be open from February 5 to February 28, 2023. There are no restrictions on the number of works submitted by authors.

How to take part?

Create a meme, cartoon or GIF that talks about the importance of voting and looks to the future with optimism and hope. Include the #BestIsPossible tag in the corner of your image or graphic. The label does not need to be central to the graphic proposal.

Upload it to your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). It can be personal or collective networks. Networks without identification or anonymous networks will not be accepted.

Follow the official accounts of the Better It Possible campaign and tag or mention them in your post so a member of the campaign team can contact you. You can also send the link where you published the poster to [email protected] with your personal information: First and last name, contact phone number.

Please indicate that you are participating in the #MejorEsPosible meme and cartoon contest.

Prizes will be awarded to the 10 best entries.

First place: Computer, mobile phone and recharge for Cubacel (40 GB).

Second place: Mobile phone and recharge for Cubacel (40 GB)

Third place: Mobile phone and recharge for Cubacel (40 GB)

Fourth to tenth place: Replenishment for Kubasel

The ten publications with the highest coverage in networks (reactions, comments and repost will be added) will receive replenishment cards for Cubacel.

The jury of this competition, consisting of professionals from both publications, will evaluate the creativity and originality of the submitted works.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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