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Embracing the World at the Great Cuban Book Festival


Just ten months after its previous edition, the Havana International Book Fair returns to its regular month. From February 9th to 19th, families will meet again for reading at different locations during the largest cultural festival in the Greater Antilles, of which Colombia is the guest of honor.

“This fair will be a special moment, firstly, because in Colombia we are in a moment of change, and part of this change is to open the doors of culture to all countries of the world,” he commented in an audiovisual message. Andean Minister of Culture Patricia Arisa, press secretary.

“We will go with a delegation of writers to establish a dialogue with Cuban readers, to talk about full peace in Colombia, about Gabriel Garcia Márquez, about the Colombian cultural movement,” said the minister, who also acknowledged Cuba’s contribution to this process. peace in this people.

Colombian authors such as Laura Restrepo, Sergio Roman, Carolina Vivas, José Luis Diaz and Lisandro Duque will take part in a public meeting at various locations in the capital, with the Morro Cabaña Historical Museum as the epicenter in the first phase. -military complex and areas of the historic center of Havana. Likewise, several locations in the capital will serve as support venues, expanding the perimeter covered by the arts and literature program.

The Cuban Book Institute has announced that they have over four million copies ready for the regular reading festival tour of the country. The 31st Fair is dedicated to the 2021 National Literary Prize winner Julio Travieso Serrano and the librarian Araceli García Carranza Bassetti, and also serves as a place to pay tribute to the great figures of Cuban literature, institutions and guilds associated with the work of books.

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