English artist introduces ultraviolet glowing tattoos into fashion

CANBERRA, February 12th. British-born artist Johnny Hall went viral and is known on social media as one of the first tattoo artists to introduce ultraviolet (UV) light-responsive inks in a black and gray magical realism style.

UVealism, a term coined by Hall himself, basically refers to enhancing already impressive realistic black and gray tattoos with the ethereal glow of bright fluorescent ink.

According to the Flipboard.com website, UV tattoos are semi-invisible in bright light, but place them under a lamp with an UV black bulb and you’ll see a whole new dimension of design.

According to Johnny Hall, UV-reactive ink is a little more difficult to work with than regular tattoo ink because it’s much thinner, but the results are amazing when used correctly.

Glowing UV ink tattoos created by artist UVealism.

At the age of 23, Hall left his native UK for Australia, where he began his training as a tattoo artist in 2015. He was particularly attracted to black and gray realism and is credited as the first artist to introduce UV reactivity.

“The process is almost the same as a regular realism tattoo,” Hall said of UVealism. According to him, the ultraviolet nature of the tattoo makes it come alive under black light.

The healing process is exactly the same as for a regular tattoo. The tattoo is wrapped for the first 24 hours, then aired, cleaned and moisturized daily, he explained.

While some purists see Johnny Hall’s unique style as nothing more than a gimmick, he sees it as a way to advance in the craft while staying true to his roots. Other tattoo artists in the same jet style include Vex Van Hillik and Clayton Diaz.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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