Book time at Casa del Alba

The 31st International Book Fair, which runs until February 19, is expanding its horizons beyond its usual main venue in the San Carlos de la Cabaña Military Historical Park to settle in the various spaces of the Cuban capital, from where the intensity of the most important editorial event in the country.

One of the important sub-platforms is the Casa del Alba Cultural, which “for more than a decade has covered meetings of authors from the scientific and technical collections of the publishing group Ciencia Sociales, as well as meetings of historians. These events are complemented by other regular events such as the Editorial EnVivo and Coleccion Sur Editores offerings, which include panels, poetry recitals, literary launches, and artistic and cultural outreach events,” he commented. rebellious youth Liliam Mendoza Estrada, director of the institution.

For her, among the most relevant options is “representation of the text Young Chavez, by the hand of dear Herman Sanchez, who will bring us closer to unusual episodes from the life of the Eternal Commander. Although it will be a digital video, the testimony of his brother Adan Chavez, the Venezuelan ambassador to Cuba, will undoubtedly be a very important moment. I can also point out places dedicated to José Marti, and in particular the name: revolution against racismJulio Rensoli, which will feature a presentation by Jesús Guanche.” These promotions will take place on Wednesday the 15th at 9:30; and from 13:00 to 16:00 respectively.

Referring to the intended program, Mendoza Estrada noted that the attraction lies not only in the sale of literature, but also in the activities of thought, spaces for exchange with authors, artists and intellectuals that make up the collectives of publishers, uniting from the most established voices to new ones. He added that as a challenge, they still need to develop a proposal that is meant for the community they are in and enrich the cultural offering.

In the meantime, a day of love and friendship, Casa del Alba begins with a meeting of historians in the Main Hall. At 10:00 there will be a panel on “Martian Ideology and the Generation of the Century” with the participation of Dr. Fabio Fernandez Batista, Maria Caridad Pacheco Gonzalez, Pedro Pablo Rodriguez and Graciela Chaio.

At 13:00 Acercándonos Ediciones label will present the titles It happened in Havana And Friend of the boardwalkRosana Cesaroni; will be in an hour Flor Noralba and her friends, Flor de la Concepción Nodal Montalvo; and at 15:30, Miami dirty moneyHedelberto Lopez Blanche.

As part of the art program in the space of La Charanga y sus Amigos, a presentation of the volume will take place at 15:00. who loves you well (tribute to writer Alberto Luberte), Caridad Martinez and Jorge Alberto Piñero “Jape”, from Editorial en Vivo.

The day continues with a concert by the Charanga de Oro Orchestra at 4:00 pm, commemorating the death of Benny More and Valentine’s Day; and closes at 17:00 with a performance by Alba Poética: Cycle of the 27 Poets, a dedication to Rafael Alberti and a concert by the duet Amanecer and the poet Alex Paousides.

On Wednesday, the 15th, a seminar “Memory of Truth and Justice” is scheduled, a tour of the struggle of the Argentine people against impunity and for democracy at 14:00 and a presentation of books. Operation Condor against Cuba, out of pain And Under the wings of the CondorJose Luis Mendes Mendes, 3:30 pm

Social Science Colloquium: The Cuban Revolution. Patriots and detractors, with Francisco López Chiveira, authored by the book Cuban society and nation, as well as the launch of the competition for the international competition Thinking Against the Current, will undoubtedly be the main event on Thursday 16. In the afternoon, the space La Ruta del Alba will take place. Fair of Traditions with a presentation of books from the countries of Alba.

Texts: better between friends, This is a book and this is my friend And secrets confidentialMario Trevigno, will be one of the attractions conceived for the morning of Friday 17. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, at 14:00, the e-book will arrive This is not history. Storycommander Pablo Monsanto.

The program concludes on Sunday 19 with the presentation of the book hive. Workshop Chiquirritikosaccompanied by an art show at 10:00 and a concert music space at 17:00.

After the completion of the Havana branch of the International Book Fair, Casa del Alba Cultural does not stop its work, because for the institution this year has been marked by radical changes in working days. Liliam Mendoza put it this way: “We are embracing the great dream of the Ministry of Culture, which will be the creation of a new type of center that combines artistic proposals and the ability to articulate the communication platforms of the sector. to achieve greater presence on multimedia platforms.

“In the same way, we strive,” he assures, “to return to the fundamentals, mobilizing all efforts to, based on clear relationships with cultural institutions and companies, to offer our public offerings that reflect the best artistic and literary values ​​​​of the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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