Dolphin Prats: human verse open to the constellations

The constellations remained OPEN in my mind as I witnessed this new rise of Icarus inches away from me. How much simplicity, humility and at the same time excessive splendor is associated in one being. Not only the genius of his stanza, but also his gentle and sincere treatment of his peers placed him at the forefront of Cuban literature.

On a wet afternoon on Friday, February 10, and under the merriment that characterizes the island’s book festival, Delfín Prats Pupo was awarded Cuban literature’s highest honor: the 2022 National Literary Prize.

Surrounded by friends and acquaintances, between photographs, congratulations and book dedications, I approach him.

Good morning, I am a journalist from rebellious youth and I would like to be able to interview him,” I told him with the fear that a newcomer to the profession feels next to such a high figure for the nation. However, her face broke into a smile. “Of course! I love this newspaper, I don’t read it every day, but I always remember it.

Although this has long been more than a well-deserved recognition for his people, the author To celebrate the rise of Icarus, stated that “it was a big surprise that radically changed my life. After many moments of anxiety, with the desire to be and not to be the National Literary Award; while I am just a person who writes poetry, a person who walks, tours my beloved city of Holguin, this great prize surprised me very much.

This piece will no doubt remain in the popular imagination as its own poetry of metaphorical delicacy and refined lyrical sensibility. The networks exploded with the congratulations of the author the language of the silent.

Holguin’s narrator and translator, despite many critics qualifying him as a Romantic poet due to the way he expresses feelings in his poetry, argues that classifying his poetry is very difficult.

“I always reject narrow criteria that try to limit me to being a purely love poet; that is, in a poet who writes solely under the influence of a love impulse. No! My poems really begin with the beauty of love, but this beauty and this love are linked in words, in verses, in stanzas, in a poem. I believe that my poetry is not only love lyrics, it is not only 20 poems of pure love that I have, but it touches on many topics that are far from this topic.

“Not reaching philosophical or metaphysical matter, my poems also refer to the regions associated with our homeland, with the historical past, with the expanses of our province, with the breadth of the landscape that we see and love.”

The relationship of the Maestro de Juventudes Award 2009, an award given by the Hermanos Saíz Association, with new generations of writers is based on help, trust and ensures that the best advice she can give to those who embark on the magical adventure of the lyric is “that they persevere in way and in the inner search, because poetry combines the inner search with the outside world, where everything we love is; people, cities, everyday life… The young poet must persistently explore the inner path that will eventually lead him to where the constellations will open.

Interesting pages have been written about the influence of Dolphin Prats on young people, but little is said about the impact that the latter brought to the life of the 1968 David Poetry Prizes. socialism and the memory of Fidel.

His manner of speaking is slow, but deep in feeling. The words he spoke sweetly and satisfactorily to those present in the room of Nicolás Guillén in the fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña touched many, because, as Sira Romero, a member of the jury that unanimously selected Prats for the award, stated, “This is expected recognition of a true man.

– How do you assess the relationship between Pratz and poetry today: a period of rest or a moment of preparation for future creativity?

I haven’t been writing poetry lately. However, my friends published my work under the title Gilbert Islands, a text of old age, in which the poet tries with all his might to cling to the ideas of youth, passion, describes outpourings of love and burning landscapes. My relationship with the poetry of mystery. Maybe I’m writing a poem this morning, or maybe two years go by and I don’t write, because I’ve never worked methodically on poetry.

His verse, spontaneous, like the author, delicately moves between magnificence and chaos, but is always tied to humanity, to the reality of man in society and nature.


There’s a place called humanity

Wet forest after a thunderstorm

Where the sun leaves the noisy colors of battle

Creek fountain one open morning from the city

It goes into the field riding a donkey

There is another love, a face that gazes at us

Ask about the new planting season

And invent another season for singing

The need to do it all over again

Even the simplest

Wash your face in the morning Rock the baby when he cries

Or nail grandpa’s box

Smile when someone asks us

Cause of summer poverty and silence

March into the forest for firewood to start a fire

There is a serene place, a restored and pleasant place called Humanity.

Dolphin Prats.

The Gilbert Islands is the latest collection of poems by the Holguin writer, published in artbook format on December 14, his 76th birthday Photo: taken from the official website of the Hermanos Saíz Association.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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