Editorial de la Mujer with five books at the fair

The year for the Editorial de la Mujer began with great positive energy and intensity. January 18 marked the 45th anniversary of its inception, a date they celebrated with all the joy this anniversary deserved by focusing on the importance of continuing to work for a more just, equal and inclusive society. Without delay and with equal enthusiasm, they welcomed the second month of the year, now focusing on the proposals with which they are present at this 31st Book Fair, which will last until the 19th.

Marilis Zayas Schumann, director of this publishing house, commented: rebellious youth that the label makes various titles available to the public. One of them is the one that has always been very well received in the family; near Accompany you to schoolby Ovel Martínez Carmona and Mabel Martínez Sánchez which contains a series of riddles, word puzzles and other games that allow toddlers to learn while they play.

Another of the books to be presented will be Letters from your child A guide for future moms and dadswritten by Dr. José Ramón Molina Garcia and Dr. Ahmed Davil, in which the baby, through letters, explains to his mother the biological, emotional and physical processes he will experience during pregnancy and touches on topics such as risks, care, psychological changes, habits and image life, important for both mother and father and family.

Of great interest are two books on crafts. For lovers of knitting cro kniteven with a fork. Part II, Larissa Blanco Napoles and Miriam V. Carrión Ramirez, a production that continues the first part published in 2018. Its pages show methods of cutting, tying, finishing, joining strips with and without thread, discussing the basics of orientation in the preparation of clothing details and their combinations with textile fabrics of different qualities. The second of these proposals focuses on entella tissue techniques.

“We also have a fifth edition, with a smaller circulation, and it chicken recipesfrom Gladys Egües, which will be sold in our stand at the Fair, during presentations and exclusively at our headquarters,” commented Zayas Shuman, adding that, in addition to editorial suggestions, “we are working on other products related to family needs with children’s education, such as maps, or from Cuba , or from some provinces; and composers. It should be noted among the most beautiful promotions that we held, the production of postcards for February 14 and March 8.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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