International Book Fair program for this Saturday

Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña

Nicolas Guillen’s room

10:30-12:30 Children’s shows. Edition “New People”.

16:00 Presentation of the La Puerta de Papel and the 7th Reading Awards 2022.

Dora Alonso’s room (Pavilion K-16)

10:00-12:00 Art and nature workshop. Coordinators: Thais Hernandez Lombao and Shaima Legon. Antonio Nunez Jimenez Foundation.

13:00 Presentation of the book “Poetry of Havana”, Roxana Cesaroni.

14:00 Children’s concert “Sing Claro with me”. Participants: Maria del Sol Peralta and Felipe Alure. Colombian delegation.

room k-5

10:30 Presentation of the book “Fulgor de un nombre” by Jesús Horta Ruiz, Indio Nabori. Presented by Miguel Barnet and René González Barrios. Olive Green Publishing.

11:45 Presentation of Dictionary of Social Sciences and Humanities by Elvis R. Rodriguez and Orlando Benitez Victores. Editorial history.

14:00 Special presentation of the Memorial de la Denuncia, team of authors. Edited by Captain San Luis.

Room Venezuela, Free Motherland

10:00 Art and party by Luis Britto Garcia; published by Monte Ávila Editores; and the Four Hundred Years Conference with Sancho Panza. Submitted by: Luis Britto Garcia.

15:00 Collection “Bicentenary of Francisco de Miranda, precursor of Latin American independence”, Carmen Bojorquez; and the Francisco de Miranda conference and his legacy for the 21st century. Submitted by: Carmen Bojorquez.

Throw corner. Yard Jagueyes

17:00 Eduardo Sosa. Pancho Amat and his Cabildo del Son

Presentation rooms in the historic center

Room of José Antonio Portuondo, Segundo Cabo Palace

10:00 Presentation of Waldo Leyva’s book “Summer in the Air” by Leymen Perez. Editorial Cuban Letters.

11:00 Presentation of the books “Poemas de otros” by Franck Padron and “I would stay with poetry” by Luis Rogelio Noguera. Presented by: Leymen Perez. Editorial Cuban Letters.

12:00 Presentation of the book “Genoese Pesto” by Luciano Castillo. Italy.

13:00 Presentation of John Bella’s book “The Decisive Steps of Rainya Njinga”. Letter editor. Angola.

14:00 Presentation of the book Arte y Parte, Monte Ávila Publishers. Lecture “Four Hundred Years with Sancho Panza” by Luis Britto Garcia. Venezuela.

16:00 Presentation of the book Desnuda en proscenio by Patricia Rhoda. Illustrations by Eduardo Abela. Presented by Josephine de Diego and Patricia Rhoda. Aurelia Editions.

Lezama Lima Hall, San Jeronimo School, Santo Domingo Building

10:00 Lecture “Francisco de Miranda and his legacy for the 21st century”. Presentation of the book “Francisco de Miranda Bicentennial Collection”, a harbinger of the independence of Latin America. Author: Carmen Bohorquez. Venezuela.

11:00 Presentation of the book “Heirs of Boggiano” by Cristiano Berti. Coordinated by the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba. Italy.

14:00 Presentation of the title “Isabella” to Vicente Amora, Cuba-USA.

15:00 Presentation of the book “Tampa in the work of Jose Marti” by Gabriel Cartaya Lopez. Cuba-USA.

Online Reading Room, Santo Domingo Building – San Jeronimo School

10:00 Digital Fair on San Ignacio Street. Digital products and projects related to heritage and bibliographic collections. Closing ceremony and awarding of the winners of the Leer + Digital competition.

wooden street

10:00 Presentation of the books “We are talking to you about telephones…”, Lucia Caridad Sans Araujo, Casa Editora Abril. Edition: Lili Chi, design: Ricardo Quiza Suárez. Moderators: Magda Rezik, Alena Bastos and Evelyn Marbot. And ETECSA, over 25 years in Cuba, edited by Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba SA Original idea: Griselle Ojeda Amador. Edition and design: Latin Press. Moderators: Magda Rezik, Grizel Ojeda and Jurisander Guevara.

Alejo Carpentier Room, Palace of the Captains General

15:30 Discussion of the book “Chigiro and Me: Four Decades of One of the Cutest Characters in Children’s Literature.” Participants: Ivar Da Coll. Moderator: Cindy Elefante.

17:00 Discussion on the topic “Song of former lovers: exiled women and migrants”. Participating: Laura Restrepo. Moderator: Alejandra Jaramillo.

House of Victor Hugo

11:00 Presentation of CubaSolar magazine.

13:30 Presentation of the Martillando magazine, issue 41. Moderators: Lil Maria Peach Hernandez and Yusuam Palacios Ortega. guests.

14:45 Presentation of the journal of the National Library. José Marty.

Squares of the historical center.

From 9:00 to 19:00 Mozart route, concerts in different squares, ending at the San Felipe Neri Oratorio.

Alejo Carpentier Foundation

10:00 am Carpentier’s Special Route in Havana to talk about the writer’s experience in the districts of Havana and the streets of the Historic Center.

home of africa

15:00 Rumba Day with Rumba Morena

Minor Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

18:00 Concert of the Havana Chamber Orchestra with maestro Michael Butterman (USA) Works by Aaron Copland, Peter Warlock, Ernest Bloch, George Walker and Aldo López-Gavilan.

Historic Center Amphitheater

21:00 Concert by Yvette Zepeda (entrance at 19:00)

San Jose Stores

17:00 Creative community. Necklace. Art Direction: Oswaldo Doimeadios.


Cultural Center Dulce Maria Loynaz (19 and E, El Vedado)

11:00 Presentation of the books “Wounds”. “Genesis and Cure” by Jaime Humberto Gonzalez Tuero; Complications of surgery of the liver and biliary tract, Jean Le Clerc Nicolas; Surgery Topics for Dentistry, Dénia Morales Navarro; Phacoemulsification, Juan Raul Hernandez Silva; and Obstetrics and Gynecology by Orlando Rigol Ricardo and Stalin Rafael Santisteban Alba. Presented by: Rosa Maria Chavez Rubal and Daliana Rodriguez Campos. Editorial Board of Medical Sciences.

15:00 Presentation of the book “The Little Tragic Alphabet” by Marco Rodriguez Leyva. Mexico.

Casa del Alba Cultural (Line & D, El Vedado))


16:00 Dedicated to Jazz. Location: Hall or Patio La Fuente. Center for Popular Music coordinator.

House of the Vicente Revuelta Theater (11 between D and E, El Vedado)

10:00 Table at the Abelardo Estorino Theatre. Disassembly of work Necklace. A scenic journey inspired by the work of Abelardo Estorino, directed by Osvaldo Doimeadios for his project Nave Oficio de Isla. Creative Community. With the presence of creators close to the work of Estorino, and actors from the series.

13:00 Book presentation: Dos Rios by Reinaldo Montero; Blanco Nelson Beaton; “Chainsaw Bird” Catherine Perzan; and “Myth Before Other Dramatists” by José Antonio Garcia.

17:00 Presentation of the work Necklace. A scenic journey inspired by the work of Abelardo Estorino. The Oswaldo Doimeadios Show.

20:30 Performance Room of Adolfo Llaurado. Julia, Teatro La Montagna, text by August Strindberg, directed by Jazz Martinez Gamboa.

Cuban Pavilion

great bookstore

10:00-20:00 Sale of books.

central courtyard

10:00 Presentation of the groups La Chunga, Guaracheritos de Regla and Futuro from Casa de Cultura by Roberto Faz from Regla; and Arcoiris, from the House of Culture August 13 Power Distribution.


11:00 Slovosup meeting. Drive: Roxana Portal Moreno.

14:00 Cafe Vichy. Drive: Yoamaris Neptuno Dominguez. “Cuban Women in a Pandemic”. Guests: Irma Bernal, Beatriz Torres, Yvon Hernan and Zulema Hidalgo. Presentation of the book “Conversations among themselves, women in times of Covid 19.

can hall

14:00 Book presentation by Ediciones Extramuros.

15:00 Panel discussion “The Role of the Bookseller in the Age of Digital Books”, Dulce Dominguez and experts from CITMATEL and Cubaliteraria.

UNEAC (17 and H, El Vedado)

10:00 Presentation of children’s books published by Unión and Gente Nueva. Moderator Rigoberto Rodriguez Entensa.

11:00 Children’s party with the group Estudio Teatral La chinche. Moderator: Rigoberto Rodriguez Entensa.

12:00 Presentation of books for MEPs. Moderator: Rigoberto Rodriguez Entensa.

National Library of Cuba José Martí (Revolution Square)

3rd floor hall

10:00 Dialogue between Adriana Martínez Villalba, director of the National Library of Colombia, and her compatriot, writer Laura Restrepo.

Children’s and youth room Eliseo Diego

10:30 Classes in the Ludothek: didactic and board games. Screening of children’s films (literature based on the film).

14:00 Saturday. “The Life of the Mountains”, books about flora and fauna.

Rubén Martinez Villena Provincial Library-Professional Hall

X National Seminar of Booksellers

10:00 Conference: “Colombian bookstores in the promotion of reading.” Felipe Ossa, bookseller of the National Library of Bogotá, and Andrés Ossa, director of CERLALC.

10:40 Lecture “BUAP Librerías: a meeting space for knowledge, diversity and imagination” Julissa JG, coordinator of literary workshops at BUAP Librerías. Mexico.

11:15 Panel “Geek Modern Poetry Shop, Innovative Project”. Speakers: Larry Morales, Historian and President of the Nicolas Guillen Foundation; Yanelis Lopez, director of CPLL Ciego de Ávila; and Miguel Angel Lanz Rivero, manager of the La Moderna Poesía bookstore in Morone.

12:00 pm Outstanding Booksellers of the Year Awards Ceremony, including a posthumous award for Arlen Regueira Mas. cultural activity.

X Anniversary recognition by the National Booksellers’ Workshop of the “best booksellers” of the year and those who have been for several years (Hildalia Almeida Figueroa and Yosmel Villalobo Alemagni).

Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña

13:30 Tour of the International Book Fair.

2:30-15:30 Visit Gran Librería de La Cabaña.

Rancho Boyeros Fairgrounds

small park

11:00 Presentation of the children’s project Caminito de Santiago and Dances for a smile

Technological Palace Finca de los Monos

Carriages Surprised student

book exhibition

11:00 Promotion of books from regional publishers.

13:00 Creative evening of poetry and trova. Municipal House of Culture.

In-flight readings (small aircraft):

12:00 Presentation of children’s publications from regional and national publishing houses.

Expo sale of children’s books

3D room:

13:00 Screening of films from the Honored Guest of the country.

Interactive space La Rosa Blanca (Simulator park)

11:00 Presentation of public cultural projects

Children’s and Youth Literary Pavilion.

Promotion of books from local publishers.

Cuban National Theatre. Room Covarrubias

8:30 Project Klaw. House of Bernalda Alba. Art Direction: Carlos Aguilar.

Osvaldo Dragoon’s room

20:30 Last coffee. Artistic and general direction: Julio Cesar Ramirez.

Trianon Theater

20:00 Public. Excellent shoemaker. Art Direction: Carlos Diaz.

Basement theater hall

20:30 Clean theater. The Perfect Stranger (premiere) Author: Paolo Genoves. Art Direction: Hugo Vargas.

Theater Headquarters People.

20:30 Theater People. Diary of Anne Frank, time apnea. Artistic and general direction: Miguel Abreu

Villa Lola

12:00 My company. The doors are open to the community. General Management: Susana Pous

Infanta Multiplex

19:00 When Colombia Became Macondo (2018). Directed by: Gloria Triana and Alvaro Perea. Colombia. Duration: 90 minutes.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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