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They recognize the work of Cuban authors and publishers.


The 31st Havana International Book Fair closes its doors this Sunday and almost at the end of this trip, the Reader 2022 and La Puerta de Papel awards were announced, awards that aim to stimulate and promote editorial creativity in the Greater Antilles over the past year .

Up to ten titles have been recognized with the Reader’s Prize, awarded by the Cuban Book Institute, which, like every year since 2015, recognizes the work of authors and publishers whose works have gained rapid commercial distribution. The jury awarded the Grand Reading Prize 100 questions about Jose Martiwritten by Francisco López Chiveira, published by Editorial Gente Nueva, “not only because of its high sales, but also because of its important historical values.”

The Court of the La Puerta de Papel 2022 competition, which recognizes the work of the system of territorial publications in relation to the publication, design, printing and content of works, has decided to award I am different (Ediciones La Luz), Frank Alejandro Cuesta; Descriptions and cartography (Ediciones Holguín) Rubiel Labarta; Three novelists in Santiago (Santiago Editions) Aida Bar; critics and critics (Santiago Editions) by Ivan Grajales.

Grand Prix fell into the hands Homeopathy for oral infections (Ediciones Holguín) and the jury based their decision on “a sensible choice of cover and overall design, the complexity of the edition and a text of great value to specialists.”

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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