British Culture Week in Cuba is back

British Culture Week in Cuba has returned to the public and artistic spaces of the Cuban capital starting Tuesday with a select program that once again celebrates the cultural links between the United Kingdom and the Greater Antilles.

“We want to celebrate the creativity of artists,” the organizers of the event assured at a press conference. And this was confirmed yesterday at the opening in Plaza Vieja of the historic center of Old Havana with a large-format exhibition of graphic design.

The exhibition consisted of works reimagining the iconography of British culture through the perspectives of Cuban designers across generations such as Frank Baltodano, Aldo Cruces, Lily Diaz, Arnulfo Espinosa, Raupa Gonzalez, Kayla Leon, Miguel Monk, Nelson Ponce and Idania from the River.

This was the starting point for a celebration that will include other exhibitions, such as an audiovisual exhibition, until next Sunday. Filmingin Animation Studies of the Cuban Institute of Motion Picture Arts and Industry, exhibition Remains of the dayworks by artists Elio Jesús (Cuba) and Freya Hollingbury (Great Britain) at the Taller Gorria Gallery.

In its 10th edition, the week of celebrating British culture in Cuba offers a program that covers the most artistic manifestations, through which creators will be inspired by elements from both banks to seduce the most diverse audience.

There will be no shortage of the usual excursions to the residence of the British Ambassador, this time with a guide by the architect Hermes Mallea, as well as rides in the classic cars of the European nation through the streets of Havana and gastronomic experiences. with typical entertainment in the bars of the United Kingdom, in the establishments of Old Havana.

There will be good music as well, and this year it will be represented by the Real Project, which will invite different musicians to perform seven songs from The Beatles’ repertoire and their album. Let it be in the show echoat the Marty Theatre, Thursday, February 23rd.

The following day, the Cuban Art Factory (FAC) will open its doors to British art and showcase work over the weekend. Mary for Marybased on the life of the English writer and philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft, a pioneer of modern feminism. The production will be staged by the Argos Teatro troupe and directed by Liliana Lam.

On Saturday 25 February, the FAC will host the English Language Festival in the morning, promoted by the British Council with a variety of educational and recreational activities. Closing the Week will be the translator Brenda Navarrete, who will perform covers of songs from the British repertoire in Afro-Cuban rhythms. The singer called this concert a challenge and assured that she had prepared many surprises for the guests.

As for the details of the presentation program, the public will be able to check the details on the social media accounts of the United Kingdom Embassy in Cuba. The appointment, normally held in December, had to be postponed due to various events that limited its completion, such as the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the associated process of mourning.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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