Let the Master Speak

“Writing about José Martí is always a great challenge and also an act of enrichment for those who do it, both intellectually and humanly. For work, I preferred to use Marty’s texts whenever possible, so that it is he who speaks about his beauty in sayings and because he explains his life experiences and ideas better than anyone else, for this reason the words of the Master are superimposed in the text in italics to the words of the author.

In this opening speech, Doctor of History and University Professor Francisco López Chiveira introduces her book. 100 questions about Jose Marti, text published under the Gente Nueva publishing label. Conceived for a young audience, but of invaluable value to readers of all ages, the volume won the Readers’ Grand Prize at the 31st Havana International Book Fair.

The award was presented not only for strong sales during the country’s largest literary event, but also for significant historical contributions, said Mercy Ruiz Saeb, president of the jury in charge of evaluating proposals.

On more than 250 pages, the author (Crisis of bourgeois political parties in Cuba. 1925-1958; José Marti 1853-1895: human dignity; soul of the country; beautiful twenties; cut in the clouds And 100 questions about the history of Cuba) helps us to go through the fundamental moments of the life of the Folk Hero, relying on those questions that are most often formulated about his figure.

In such a simple, attractive and very coherent way, the reader finds himself on the pages of the book and is faced with various questions: do you know how Marty introduces himself to his acquaintances? simple verses and because? Do you know why Marty is called the National Hero of Cuba, as well as an apostle and teacher? What was Cuba like where Marty was born and raised? Have you read the first known letter from Marty? What fundamental works did Martí write in Spain and how can his ideas of the Cuban revolution be assessed in them? Do you know about Marti’s conspiratorial activities in Havana between 1878 and 1879? When and by whom was the first monument to Marty erected at the place of his death?

With each answer, the reader discovers the necessary elements for building an accurate and clear picture of the life, work, thought, and action of the Apostle; and this is achieved, says López Chiveira – National Prize in History 2008 and in Social Sciences and Humanities 2022 – by combining the Master’s words with his own in a masterful work of deep research and vast knowledge.

An eminent historian has said that this book “deals with a particularly significant person. His life and his work are endless. He is projected from his own time into the times to come (…). I hope these hundred questions about Jose Marti will bring those who read them closer to our great Cuban. Universal man and for all time. Let it be Marty himself, who speaks to the readers. No one can do it better than him.”

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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