Drum Festival leaves theaters

Guillermo Barreto International Drummer Festival is back in mind to fill the various spaces in the Cuban capital with traditional rhythms and dances, which together will envelop the audience in a great celebration of our culture, according to the organizers of the event.

The 20th edition of the musical celebration, which began this Tuesday and will end next Sunday, is dedicated to
Lazaro Ross and the legacy that he left to subsequent generations of rumberos and lovers of the genre that is the heritage of the Cuban nation. The highlight of Fiesta is the competitive section, which this year includes conga and timbale, rumba, casino and drumming competitions, accompanied by masterclasses led by prestigious figures from each event.

Workshops and competitions are reserved for the El Sauce Cultural Center and the Salón Rosado Benny.
More de la Tropical, where there will also be theme nights with presentations by famous Cuban bands such as Eduardo Ramos and Mas con Menos, Alain Perez and his orchestra, Timbalay, Ronald and Explosion Rumbera, Rumbat, Manolito Simonet and his Trabuco, Giraldo Piloto. and Klímax, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Brenda Navarrete, Yordys Larrazábal and Lele Van Van, Santiago All Stars, among others, who will share the stage with foreign artists such as Spanish Pilar Boyero and The Drumming Wonder of Burundi.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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