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Texts, various documents, collections of scientists about the life and work of the National Hero of Cuba; as well as extensive research, served as the basis for the famous Cuban writer and journalist Jorge Maniac (Sagua la Grande, Cuba, 1898 – San Juan de Puerto Rico, June 25, 1961) to form Marty the apostle; a fictionalized and very well articulated biography, considered one of the greatest books on Cuban literature and a must-have reference title.

I remember a few years ago during the presentation of a reissue of this work (Editorial Nuevo Milenio, Sello Ciencias Sociales, Havana, 2016) Dr. Pedro Pablo Rodriguez, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Martian Studies and director of the Critical Edition of Obras Completas noted that this title is even today is a work requiring consultation because of the depth of its historical research analysis, as well as the exactingness and dedication with which it was prepared. And he also pointed out: “I do not forget that in my first work on Marty, published in a Cuban magazine in 1970, I expressed that for me he continues to be Marty the apostleThe best biography. Others followed, such as the book by the writer Luis Toledo Sande, edited many times by Ciencias Sociales, which I recommend reading. But no doubt Marty the apostle This is a book that gives us many points of view.”

According also to the National Social and Human Sciences Award, we have “a happy, political, love-struck Marty who opposes his family. He appears not as a supernatural or holy genius, but as a human being. In this sense, this text broke with the schemas imposed on his personality, and Jorge Maniach for the first time dared to carefully illuminate the human development of José Martí with its fears, disappointments, desires and sufferings.

Written in 1932 and first published in 1933, the book captivates the reader with its gripping content, the clear devotion of its author, the sensitive portrayal of a person Golden age, and its unusual storytelling. They say that a friend of an authoritative Cuban intellectual said: “Maniac, you are deceiving us. You didn’t write Marty’s biography, but you let him have you to write it.”

When it comes to the biographies of José Martí, there are many excellent ones that we can check out. The Centro de Estudios Martianos on its website (www.josemarti.cu) collects the titles of these productions written for both adults and children and young people. Works like: biographical sketch and a minimum of chronologyRoberto Fernandez Retamar and Ibrahim Hidalgo Paz; José Marti: Synthesis of Extraordinary LifeCarlos Marquez Sterling; Marty the manGonzalo de Quesada y Miranda; Marty, a summary of his lifeEmilio Roig of Leuchsenring; Basket of Flames: A Biography of José MartíLuis Toledo Sande; The life and work of the apostle José Marti, Cynthio Vitier; And our martyHerminio Almendros, just to name a few.

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