The pages of the 31st Isla de la Juventud Book Fair open

NUEVA GERONA, THE ISLAND OF YOUTH. – Literature lovers in this Special Municipality are celebrating until Saturday, March 4 with the local version of the 31st Book Fair, an event that offers more than 1,500 titles for the occasion with a circulation of 44,000 copies, Richard Rodriguez, director of the Municipal Book and Literature Center, told the press.

Although the territorial publishers El Abra from the aforementioned institution and Áncoras from the association Hermanos Saiz have presented several new products, the most anticipated is the presentation The bus is the countryjournalist Juliet Pérez Calagna, a huge success at the opening event in Havana.

Book Fair in Isla de la Juventud. Photo: Roberto Diaz Martorell

The bus… from the young publishing house Áncoras will be presented on Friday at 16:00 at the AHS headquarters and will be credited, as happened in Havana, with a performance by the outstanding troubadour Franck Delgado.

Ludis Carmona, director of El Abra, said that among the proposals there are texts links novel by Virgilio Pupo; city ​​of the fewtext of poems by Yadian Carbonell; City book. emergency architecture author Roberto Unger, urban historian, collection of poems poems about dogJuan Carlos Valz and stories men, Spanish writer Juan Antorch, which was made with other funds approved by the Cuban Book Institute.

“Also,” he explained, “at the Computer and Electronics Youth Club, you can buy digital books online, an option for those who prefer to read on mobile devices,” he said.

From Thursday 10:00 until next Saturday, in the areas of Nueva Gerona Boulevard, events will take place simultaneously in traditional areas and other places; the morning sessions will be devoted to the presentation of the books of both territorial publishers, and in the afternoon various proposals of the affiliated organization of the Union of Historians of Cuba will be presented.

This time the local version of the XXXI Book Fair is dedicated to Rafael Jorge Carballos Batista, poet, writer, editor and president of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba in the territory.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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