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MATANZAS. As in previous times, the 31st International Book Fair in its chapter in Matanzas shows that the love of reading remains among lovers of literature.

At an emotional meeting in La Gruta del San Juan on the Narváez Cultural Walk, he was introduced Bellamar CaveDr. Antonio Nunez Jiménez, with two chapters written by Dr. Ercilio Vento Canosa and Esteban Grau González-Quevedo.

In this space, 14 names of Núñez Jiménez were proposed, and in a tribute colloquium, Vento and Grau told anecdotes about their enduring friendship with the Cuban scientist on a day that included his daughter, Liliana Núñez Velis.

In addition, the documentary was projected in 3D. Cuba: another dimensiona group of authors who masterfully collect wonderful images of the island’s most important caves.

A colloquium dedicated to the work of the poet Fina Garcia Marrus was held at the Palacio de Junco Museum on the occasion of the centenary of her birth, in which several Cuban authors took part, including Virgilio López Lemus, winner of the National Literary Prize, who considered her one of the most important female and male poets of the 20th century.

Colloquium for the centenary of Fina Garcia. Photo: Hugo Garcia

“Wonderfully meets the traditions of Cuban poetry, but adds a lot of innovation to the national poetry,” López Lemus concluded.

In the morning, dozens of children gathered in front of the Sauto Theatre, a national monument, where they took part in a conga animated by the actors of the “El Miron Cubano” group, before the opening of the children’s pavilion Tesoro de papel in the City curatorial service, an opportunity at which the book was presented My dad came out of the toiletwriter Mildre Hernandez, who exchanged with children and writers.

Dozens of children took part in the conga, animated by the actors of the El mirón cubano group, near the Sauto Theatre. Photo: Hugo Garcia

Efrain Pérez Izquierdo, director of the provincial book company, explained that 500 new titles are on offer, including twelve books about Matanzas by Ediciones Matanzas and Aldabón. “We have over 50,000 copies for sale with eleven foreign publishers present.”

For its part, Ediciones Vigía will pay tribute to the recently deceased poet, artist and publisher Rolando Estevez by presenting the most iconic works of his time at this institution.

At Plaza del Artesano, in the space of Casa de las Américas, the centenary of Haydee Santamaría was celebrated. In the same place, on Friday, Casa Magazine dedicated to this figure will be presented.

The event is dedicated to the poet, writer and publisher Alfredo Saldívar, Ediciones Matanzas on his 45th birthday and Ediciones Aldabón of the Hermanos Saiz association on his 25th birthday.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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