Great social reception continues at the Book Fair

MATANZAS. — The second day of the 31st International Book Fair in Matanzas continued with a large influx of public in all institutions hosting this event.

The Palacio de Junco Museum hosted a colloquium dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the Matanzas magazine and presented the latest issue on the life and work of the Cintio Vitier National Literary Prize, in addition to the award of the annual prize. that publication.

Celebrating Poet’s Day on March 3, dozens of intellectuals and pioneers went to Plaza de la Bandera, near Plaza de la Vigia, to pay their respects to the sculpture of Bonifacio Byrne, author of the poem “Mi Bandera”.

In the 3D room of La Gruta del San Juan, at the Narváez Cultural Walk, images of a large-scale fire at the base of the supertankers were projected in honor of cavers, rescuers, forensic scientists, firefighters, doctors and all personnel who encountered, at risk to life , a disaster based on supertankers.

Alfredo Saldivar, to whom the fair is dedicated, received an honorary diploma from the director of the Matanzas publishing house. Photo: Hugo Garcia

Lieutenant Colonel William Gonzalez Hernandez, head of the province’s civil defense, discussed the beginning of the incident, the ensuing spread of the flames, and how heroically they managed to control it.

In the Hall of Pepe Camejo, from the theater group Las Estaciones, Luis Lorente’s book “Exceptional Summer Beauty” was presented, Casa de las Américas Award 2021; while at the headquarters of Ediciones Vigía, the book Palabras de canje by Erian Peña Pupo was offered.

Other places such as the University of Matanzas, the House of Pictorial Memory, the Uneac House, the Historical Archives, the Union of Historians, the Office of the City Curator; the El peregrino room in the Mederos Gallery Workshop and the Artis Bar, both on the cultural promenade of Narváez; Gener y del Monte Provincial Library, Firemen’s Museum and Artex Square.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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