Gretel Cason and her trio Musas Cubanas will perform a special concert in Mexico.

The famous Cuban singer and actress Gretel Cason, together with her instrumentalists, pianist Gardenia Maria Laborde and percussionist Marlene Martinez, with the support of Channel 22, the Mexican Ministry of Culture and the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, will present this Saturday March, at 19:00, in the Adolfo López Hall Mateos Cultural Complex Los Pinos in Mexico City will host a special concert: Life in a Bolero.

The artists will perform as part of a project to declare the bolero musical genre an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, a distinctive condition of UNESCO. There has always been a musical identification between Cuba and Mexico, especially when defending a genre with such deep roots.

The themes of a Cuban, Latin American and foreign singer will be performed. It is an ensemble consisting of voice, piano and Cuban percussion, where the piano accompanies the voice and the percussion adds the rhythmic joy typical of Cuban and Latin American music. His repertoire includes works by Cuban classics Ernesto Lecuona, Miguel Matamoros, Cesar Portillo de la Lusa, Jose Antonio Mendez, Marta Valdez, Pablo Milanes, Silvio Rodriguez, as well as great authors from Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and other countries. The artists will offer a bohemian and rhythmic evening that will interest the audience from the first moment.

Gretel Cason and her trio Musas de Cuba are ambassadors of their country’s music, they see their art as an act of love, a bond of friendship, learning and an authentic Cuban identity.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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