inflation and childhood

My friend Floro, who is already known by many for his intense struggle to save our cultural heritage, was involved in a deep investigation in search of an answer to our children’s undeniable misrepresentation of their cultural preferences.

There has always been artistic creativity aimed at that wonderful and unforgettable stage that is childhood. Many of the classic literary works, musical themes and animated films are aimed primarily at children. Our creators have provided a wide arsenal in this regard. However, the small family prefers an adult-oriented audiovisual universe over one that has better ethics, aesthetics, and billing.

Someone blames parents, someone blames teachers, society, social networks… My dear brother seems to have found the source of the problem in our boys and girls. Here is how he writes about it in his last letter:

“Dear JAPE, in order to come to this conclusion on such a sensitive issue, I have spent hundreds of hours researching and wandering the streets, shops, retail chains, digital networks and markets with all kinds of sales and owners. What, apparently, “researchers” and “specialists” with chic positions and salaries aimed at results do not do.

“Despite how complex and painstaking this investigation has turned out to be, the answer that it gives is very simple: the main culprit is galloping inflation sweeping us (including a blockade to satisfy all tastes and hypotheses). I gave only a few examples to support my thesis.

“The most naive boy or girl you know could ever believe or explain that Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother chose a pumpkin to turn into a carriage. No wagon, no matter what kind of wagon, in our farms and wheelbarrows is worth more than a pumpkin.

“One of the most popular songs we know is: A la rueda rueda, made from cinnamon bread… and the seasoned ones ask themselves: What kind of rueda? what kind of bread? What kind of cinnamon?

“Someone explain to me how I can convince my little offspring that “Once upon a time there were three pigs …” if I don’t remember the last time I saw the thigh of only one.

“Years ago, we knew what the problem was when we had to tell what fruit the witch poisoned Snow White with and what animal the fisherman called the tough shrimp. We are already used to it. However, due to prices driven by inflation, we are now also unable to assemble a music cart built from the most famous and autochthonous products from the patio: “I have a banana truck with sniper wheels on the engine. sweet potato and potato chip steering wheel.” If only I didn’t have a steering wheel!

“In a children’s literature circle, several children assured me that Martin’s cockroach and Perez the mouse were not so poor, because the said rodent got into the cauldron because of the sweetness of the onion.

“I will give one more example of many that may arise. I consider this one of the most significant, based on the inflated price that the main porridge that makes up the Cuban diet has acquired in recent days: Rice pudding wants to get married … My son, without thinking twice, said to me: Dad, what a face this wedding will be! »

Believe me, I do not know what to say to my brother friend Floro, because right now, and not wanting it, this stanza from a popular song comes to my mind playful little ant: He went to the kitchen and took a soup pot, filled it with salt water and put onions in it, put meat, carrots, potatoes, tomato and corn, put bijol and noodles, garlic blunt and chili pepper. .. Who will believe me!?

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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