Danson returns to his cradle

MATANZAS — Danzón will again fill the public spaces of the city of Matanzas when the fifth international meeting of Miguel Failde In Memorian Danzonero 2023 starts from March 30 to April 2, after an absence of almost three years due to the pandemic.

The young Etiel Failde Fernandez, leader of the orchestra, specified that this year will be dedicated to the 330th anniversary of the city of Matanzas, the 160th anniversary of the Sauto Theatre, which is a national monument, the centenary of the birth of the famous flutist Richard Egüez. , for the 45th anniversary of the House of Culture system and the tenth anniversary of the declaration of the danzón as an intangible cultural heritage of the Cuban people.

At a press conference held at the Teatro Sauto, Failde Fernández, president of the organizing committee, stressed that one of the most anticipated moments is the Ricardo Benedita Varela dance competition, open to couples from 16 years of age.

“The Aragón and Failde orchestras will give a concert at the Plaza de la Vigía, and the Miguel Failde Honorary Prize will be awarded to organizations and individuals,” commented the young flutist and arranger.

“Cuban Athens will once again become the danzón capital of the world,” said Pedro Pablo Cruz, spokesman for the Miguel Failde Orchestra, noting that this publication is a call to researchers, cultural promoters, dancers and composers to compete with their games.

“We already have dance couples from all provinces registered to compete as brothers,” Cruz said.

Havana will also host these places throughout the weekend of April, in the cultural area of ​​Plaza de la Revolución, where a tribute will be paid to the 60th anniversary of a typical Cuban picket.

Maria Victoria Oliver, Doctor of Education and Musicologist, Chairman of the Theoretical Event, noted the importance of presentations and research in order for this genre to receive World Heritage status in the future.

The professor and researcher praised the compositional event, because she believed that if the danzón was not updated and new composers were not added, then the genre simply lags behind other manifestations.

“This is not only a salvation that he can have from a patrimonial point of view, but also how the danzón is rejuvenated under the pen of young contemporary composers,” Oliver emphasized.

In addition, there will be a pilgrimage to the tomb of Miguel Failde in the San Carlos cemetery, didactic concerts in the schools of the city of Matanzas, parades and a parade of the collection of Cuban guayaberas created by Jordi Leal.

The meeting will feature Danzonera La Playa from Mexico, who will celebrate her 80th birthday with a concert in Matanzas.

In addition, it has been announced that the Failde Orchestra will perform numerous concerts around Matanzas throughout May.

Young Ethiel Failde Fernandez, director of the Failde Orchestra. Photo: Hugo Garcia

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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