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The widespread hypnosis caused by the Oscars has worked again, at least on social media and in some intellectual circles. Even among the Cubans working in the audiovisual environment, usually so far from this tinsel, the same topic was discussed endlessly. But last Sunday, the unknowns became clear: a golden figurine of the Cuban woman Ana de Armas slipped out of her hands, for her performance in Blonde, although no one can deny her the privilege of becoming the first Cuban to compete for an Oscar acting award. And to such an indisputable indicator of prestige are added the nominations for the Golden Globe, the Screen Actors Guild Award and the British Academy Film Award. In the midst of her initiation, which for some misguided people is the only thing that matters, Spanish People magazine placed her at the top of their 2023 list of the 25 most powerful women in cinema.

Some lament so busy that De Armas will have to wait for another exceptional performance to convince most voters that little attention is being paid to Australian Cate Blanchett’s similar category snub since resin. Most of us who admired her impeccable, showy portrayal of a prestige-obsessed conductor thought she was a sure winner, but there’s hardly anything 100% in Hollywood and the Oscars, and the 95th edition Academy Awards took into account that Blanchett had already placed two figurines on her shelf (for Pilot and by blue jasmine), so he has a lot of confessions.

Plus, Blanchett is blond and Anglo-Saxon, and therefore far from the kind of racial and cultural diversity that the Academy wants to showcase at a time when it’s not uncommon for a Mexican film to win major awards. Rome and another korean like parasites. Multiplicity quotas were increased when the Oscar for Best Animation was beautiful and realistic pinocchio, by the Mexican Guillermo del Toro, partly made with animators from Guadalajara, and thus ended the permanent privilege of the great studios of this modality, that is, American or Japanese, such as Disney, Pixar and Ghibli. In addition, we will definitely see on TV a moment of the gala concert, at which the dancers and singers were applauded Naatu Naatulater awarded as the best song, and the main theme of an overflowing fantasy of a very expensive Indian production. RRR.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio won the Oscar for Best Animation.

Thus, in order to give continuity to universal propaganda, a by-product of the unique thought that makes the Oscars the most important in the world, scientists have decided to award, in addition to Cate Blanchett and Ana de Armas, Michelle Yeoh, the first Asian woman. nominated in the category of best actress, and with her on the podium as a supporting actor, Ke Hui Quan was erected for the very film that, having played a couple of memorable roles, in childhood, in Indiana Jones and Temple doom And boobies, spent almost 30 years looking for an important role. Of course, there were tears when the actor tacitly affirmed in his acceptance speech the value of perseverance and alleged equanimity. American dream.

In addition to awarding veteran Chinese-Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh for quirky and multi-gender All at once everywhereand his Vietnamese-American co-star Ke Hui Quan were nominated for two other Asian performers: Chinese-American Stephanie Hsu for the same film and Vietnamese-American actress Hong Chau, who deservedly accompanied Brendan. Frazier, in a cap WHALE. Hollywood loves glorious returns, and to continue cultivating in the collective imagination the belief that it retains its label as a dream come true factory, so the same is true for an actor who returns after a long time in the spotlight, which will finally consecrate the 64-year-old actress. as Jamie Lee Curtis, Best Supporting Actress All at once everywherefilm with 11 nominations, which finally also won in the categories of best film and director (Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, or Los Daniels, as they are now known all over the world), and which thus becomes the first film after Gravity in 2013, winning seven awards at the same ceremony.

In the midst of the glitz and glamour, it’s uncomfortable to insist that Ke Hui Quan hasn’t worked since he was 12, and there’s no need to remember Jamie Lee Curtis’ Class Z horror movies or dozens of horror movies. martial arts titles of dubious quality that Michelle Yeoh had to interpret to stay in the profession. This year, the foreign rival capable of overthrowing the major North American titles was the German No news at the frontdirected by Edward Berger and winner of four major awards, including Best Cinematography, Soundtrack and International Film, in such a way that he ruined the party for those of us Latinos who were waiting for the rise Argentina, 1985. The German film, with ten nominations, equaled the amount that the Taiwanese film received in its time. Tiger and dragon (2000) and Mexican Rome (2018).

Thanks to the unstoppable success All at once everywherebox office heavyweights had to settle for one Oscar each, as Top Shooter: Maverick (better sound) BlJack Panther: Wakanda Foreverwhich was awarded in the nomination “Costume Design”, and an extremely expensive performance Avatar: Path of Water he only managed to win an Oscar for best visual effects. It is also worth mentioning that actress Angela Bassett became the first performer to be nominated for a role in a film inspired by the Marvel superhero universe.

Avatar: The Way of Water only managed to win an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

Little by little, inclusiveness and diversity are even taking the throne of the Oscars, which once again upstage pure entertainment films and value productions with a different artistic slant and creators from a wide variety of countries. But stupidity and hormonal, non-artistic decisions continue to set the tone. It suffices to add that neither resinno one Fabelmans; no one spirits of the islandno one Triangle of sadness no one Elvis, despite numerous nominations and the huge prestige that preceded them, they did not receive a single statuette. Luck and chance are not explained or evaluated.

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