Raul Kamaid and Naiade Proenza at a party

OLGIN. “The years of music performers in this city pass harmoniously, and this applies to several generations that delighted us with their operas and zarzuelas.

The voices and instruments of young people from the Olguin branch of the University of the Arts (ISA) and the company of Rodrigo Prats teamed up to win several prizes at the National Festival of Lyrical Singing, which hosted them from 23 to 27 January in the hall of Gonzalo Roig, the National Lyric Theatre.

The friendliness of a person who strives to make others capable is the most important thing in Professor Sonia Kameho, Head of the Department of the Singing Department of the ISA. With new success and without parting with the commissions, also a jury member of the festival notes that Holguin’s representatives were very well prepared: “They were confident in what they could achieve, because they had come a long way as students and as members of the Lyric Theatre. If there is anything that reflects Holguin’s seal, it is the alliance between the University of the Arts and Rodrigo Prats.”

These boys and girls, Sonia Kamejo adds, are not only technical, but also skilled in what they sing and say, and in the way they interpret or perform the movements. “They have high academic achievement and have a deep love for what they do. The idea to save the competition came from teacher Jorge Luis Pacheco and we hope that more will be organized in the future.

The Miracle of Making Music

Soprano Dania Laura Lopez, winner of the first prize in the category “Female Interpretation”, did not know what she would face, so the three rounds of the competition gave her confidence, and the fact of sharing with young singers from other provinces led to a flow of mutual knowledge.

Denmark Laura Lopez, winner of the first prize in the category “Women’s Interpretation”, noted the many awards they received in the capital. Taken from Uneac’s Facebook page

“The contestants and the public were very appreciative of us, our stage play and ethics in introducing the pianists, which they taught us in Holguin. Our classes are held with professors who are also colleagues of Rodrigo Prats, so the technique is assimilated in both areas. Integration into the company’s choir was important: in such a career, we dance and sing.”

Just finished top notch a week ago, soprano Senia López, 2nd Prize in Female Interpretation and Prize for Best Compulsory Interpretation of a Work, (with Basketwritten by composer Jorge Amado, winner of the Composition Award in the previous version, 2019), briefly said goodbye to his family and faced another test that same month.

Basket It was a mandatory interpretation. It took the pianist and me a lot of complexity in terms of musical and harmonic editing, as well as in terms of interpretation. His lyrics and story, very modern and metaphorical, were difficult. The days there were wonderful, full of anecdotes.

Maestro Alfredo Mas advised the baritone Carlos Manuel González to compose a repertoire, and he arrived with his comrades in Havana and had, in his words, an exquisite experience: “We had to appear before a sumptuous jury, composed of high-ranking country music performers. We were appreciated, but there was time to share. Being there filled us with joy and pride. Those days showed us the training we had acquired.

“In Holguin, we are taken on stage from Verdecitos and we play different roles. Every challenge, every challenge is part of what happened in Havana. I received the first prize for male interpretation, along with Havana tenor Eugenio Hernandez, and the prize for the work that best reflected Martí’s thought, with the piece ContinueMaestro Rodrigo Prats and text by Nicolas Guillén.

The jury members considered it fair to pay tribute to those who helped the performers and influenced mutual understanding, for this reason the teacher Anniela Maldonado (special jury prize in piano class) was surprised: “We were not included in the 2023 competition. ; however, it was decided to add us from the second round. The quality of the group contributed to the addition of the category. There were experienced pianists, some from the National Lyric Theatre. The most enjoyable thing for me is to be able to compose music together with excellent lyric singers to carry the artistic fact as a whole.”

Brand from Holguin

Camila Mora insisted on going as a pianist and accompanying Senia Lopez. He felt that they could win, and he wanted to replenish the repertoire they brought, as he knew about the talent of the singers, their career and professionalism.

“They excelled among the participants, and it was more noticeable when similar pieces were performed. It was our first national outing in front of an audience of people who couldn’t see us. We’ve received a lot of compliments since we’ve done our hair, makeup, or used the wardrobe. We were also shocked because good voices sound in many places, but there was a noticeable trace of study, knowledge and mastery of the work, a complex repertoire that required many hours of rehearsals and performance.

Soprano Ludmila Perez, director of Rodrigo Prats, says about the collection of awards at the Gonzalo Roiga Hall: “This is a good start after years of the pandemic. This is a great awakening from another era. The discipline has been passed down from generation to generation. We left through the wide door, Raul Kamaid and Nayade Proenza (founders of the Holguin Lyric Theater in 1962) are celebrating with other teachers. 60 years of work in the company, work in the arts since 1989 are valued, while intelligence, rigor, continuity and treatment are preserved.”

All the winners from Holguín and Havana will perform on the 26th of this month at the National Theatre, in the Covarrubias Hall, and next April on Cubavisión the program package will be broadcast, which will be called timelyto promote lyrical singing.

Although “as a team” the Raoul Kamaida Hall of the “Comandante Eddy Sunol” theater has already served local boys and girls to show off.
awarded with a northeastern stamp, aimed at many decades of a lyrical path.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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