Premiere of the song and video of Havana D’First #TeamAsere

Trumpeter Alexandre Abreu and his band Havana D’Primera released on YouTube this Friday the song and video #TeamAsere, a production praising the Cuban baseball team’s performance in the discipline’s V World Classic.

Regarding the implementation of this theme, which exalts the ability of the team from the Caribbean island to unite all people around a common theme and defend the value of the Cuban identity, regardless of where they live, Abreu emphasized on the orchestra’s Facebook page: “Very strong work for you to have this and for that commands to be even more inspired. Let these people know that we are grateful to them for the history they are making today.”

This effort was joined by well-known representatives of Cuban popular music such as Isaac Delgado, Mario “Mayito” Rivera, Alain Perez, Ruben Bulnes, Yasser Ramos and Abdel Rasalps (El Lele).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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