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SANTIAGO DE CUBA. In an intense articulatory exercise that takes it back to moments of cultural splendor, this oriental city lives until March 20 between lyrics and guitars as its plazas, blocks and stages host the simultaneous performance of the final segment of the 31st International Book Fair and the 60th Pepe Sanchez Trova Festival.

Branch of the Literary Festival in Santiago, meaning that the director of the Reina Provincial Center for Books and Literature Gretchen Menendez Rivas, opening the meeting in front of cultural figures and the highest authorities of the party and government, accepts the maxim of maintaining I live the book, distribute it, strengthen ties: contribute to the popularization reading and literature in Santiago, Cuba and around the world.

Poetry read by famous authors from Santiago and good music of the Symphony of the East opened the 31st place. fair in Santiago.

So until next Sunday, when the Fair will be closed here throughout the country, in the historic center of the city with its main arteries: Enramadas and Heredia and its cultural institutions sell a wide variety of literature, including 189 editorial news and a professional program. an event that, on this occasion, marks Professor and essayist Daisy Coué Fernandez and Laureate of the National Prize in History Hébert Pérez Concepción.

Conferences, panels, book launches in print and digital formats, recognition of prominent authors and reflections on topics such as book promotion and reading in a digital context will share space with the development of the 6th. A library science event and an exchange with writers from Colombia, the country to which the event is dedicated, and who are coming here for the first time to present and transmit their texts.

For its part, the troubadour event, the longest-running musical event organized in the country, is dedicated to proclaiming Trova as the cultural heritage of the nation and, according to tradition, recognizes the trajectory of valuable cultivators of the genre.

For this reason, at the very beginning of the event, at the entrance to the symbolic house of Pepe Sánchez Trova, this Thursday, a plaque was unveiled commemorating such a condition granted last December. In the same spirit, Alejandro Almenares, the mythical representative of the traditional Trova, and Augusto Blanca, the founder of the Nueva Trova movement, unveiled a plaque by the sculptor Julio Carmenate with the support of the Caguayo Foundation.

A plaque commemorating the trova’s pronouncement as the nation’s cultural heritage was unveiled by the troubadours Alejandro Almenares and Augusto Blanca in Pepe Sánchez’s trova house. Photo: Facebook profile Regional Department of Culture.

Theoretical exchanges at the Lino Betancourt colloquium In Memoriam; a tribute to the paradigmatic names of an already dead genre in the Sendero de los Trovadores of the family cemetery of Santa Ifigenia; recognition of the most outstanding; concerts, presentations at the Casa de la Trova and elsewhere, and the grand trovada complete the program of the event, during which Santiago, declared by UNESCO as a creative city in music, proudly celebrates its essence.

The message of books and trova will this time come together with communities, neighborhoods in transformation, student and work centers such as the Universidad de Oriente y de Ciencias Médicas and the municipalities of Contramaestre and Songo-La Maya, among others.

In addition, participants in both events will pay tribute to the poet and promoter Teresa Melo, one of the main voices of this recently deceased Cuban side. In his honor and by the decision of the Provincial Center for Books and Literature, the former bookstore El Estudiante, after an intensive restoration process, bears his name since March 17th.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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