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“We are already on our way. Spreading music and joy to everyone who loves it,” could be read this Monday on the Facebook page of Buena Fe, the popular music duo who are starting a national tour on Tuesday with beloved bands like Caramba and duo Iris, with whom we have there is a surprise for you, our most devoted audience.”

Precisely the first meeting of this artistic journey, to which the children’s project La fiesta de la gata Mini by Annie Garces is added, is the Plaza Ferreiro in Santiago de Cuba. And as in this beginning, each presentation until April 15 will be a show that inspires a different today and a qualitatively better tomorrow, in pursuit of the human essence.

As Reudenis Salas Hartemant, a member of the National Bureau of the Union of Young Communists (UJC), confirmed, the tour called “The Best Youth” is a party in honor of the electoral process that Cuba is going through today, as well as the 61st anniversary of the UJC and the 62nd anniversary of the Organization of Pioneers José Martí (OPJM), which will take place on 4 April.

He pointed out that the actions are aimed at promoting the space for preparation and joyful and youthful entertainment in all large squares and theaters of the country, in the year of implementing the organization’s strategy to strengthen its integral role in the present and future. countries, and what a better opportunity also from the art that saves and encourages.

Those who arrive at each of the scheduled stages will be able to enjoy the new musical productions of Buena Fe, Housingand Karamba, From within, under the seal of Egrem. Meanwhile, in theaters with Annie Garces, the audience, especially the children, will be delighted with the songs from the album. mini catfrom the Bismusic label in association with Animated from the Cuban Institute of Motion Picture Art and Industry.

The young translator commented rebellious youth that all songs are written by Adrian Berazain and produced by Christopher Simpson. “Those who enjoy this show will be able to know the history of Mini and his friends who live in a town called Gatoipon. This is a journey through different genres where they can sing and dance, ”he admitted.

He also added that the children’s auditorium has become “my favorite space for singing. They are very sincere, and I realized that the most beautiful thing is to play with them while I play. mini cat”, – said Annie Garces and added that with this she is experiencing a new stage in her career, which makes her completely happy.

Concerts will take place: in March: Tuesday 21, Santiago de Cuba, Plaza Ferreiro; Wednesday, 22, Guantanamo, Plaza Pedro A. Perez; Friday 24, Granma, Plaza Rosa la Bayamesa; Sunday 26, Holguín, Plaza Calixto García stadium; Tuesday 28, Las Tunas, Revolution Square; Wednesday 29 Camaguey Plaza de la Caridad; Friday 31, Sancti Spiritus, Cultural Square.

In April the concerts will be: Saturday 1st. Ciego de Avila, Plaza Maximo Gomez; Sunday 2, Villa Clara, Vidal Park; Tuesday 4, Cienfuegos, Main Square; Wednesday 5, Matanzas, Entre Puentes; Friday the 7th, Mayabeque, Guines Park; Saturday 8, Havana, Ave. Carlos III; Tuesday 12, Pinar del Rio, Stadium Square; Wednesday the 12th, Artemisa, Libertad Park and Saturday the 15th, Isla de la Juventud, Plaza la Mecanica.

Presentations of the children’s project La fiesta de la gata Mini will take place on the same days as the concert, but in the theaters of the territories.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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