Posters in honor of an outstanding person

“Mella was an exceptional man, one of the brightest representatives of that bright generation that shook the foundations of the Cuban university in the 20th century. Let design serve as a way to honor the rebellious, insightful, just, ethical founding student, the man who gave so much to the cause of his country and humanity.

Julio Emilio Morejon, President
University Student Federation during the opening of the exhibition of ten student posters of the Higher Institute of Design, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Julio Antonio Mella, which can be enjoyed at the Casa del ALBA Cultural.

Through the exhibition, Mella is seen from the point of view of young people Alicia Guevara Dominguez, Camila Garcia Ojeda, Daniel Mayo Clement, Carla Roque Fiallo, Roberto Perez Curbelo, Ana Carla Prieto Mendez,
Ana Beatriz Peña, Aristides Miguel Torres, Christian Alejandro Garcia and Marcos Daniel Maqueira.

The exhibition was supported by the Alma Mater magazine, founded by Mella himself, and from the point of view of each of the creators, one can observe several facets of a demystified Mella, closer to the university vision. In addition, researchers Adis Kupull and Froilan Gonzalez spoke about his life and work to the students gathered at the panel.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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