The island keeps on ringing

If there is a certainty that unites those who live, visit or have heard of the Greater Antilles, it is that Cuba is the island that sounds like it. With this conviction, the Cubadisco 2023 International Fair will return from May 6th to 14th with a new flight to follow the pulse of the Cuban music event.

After the dark times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the phase that led to the event, the Cuban music industry international fair will return to its physical spaces without abandoning the virtual conquered scenarios. This was announced by the organizing committee of the event during the presentation of the nominees for the awards of the great holiday, which will take place on Tuesday in the Arcos de Cristal hall of the Tropicana cabaret.

“The experts have worked hard to evaluate the works that make up the miracle of the Cuban musical universe this year. We all always dream of the best Cubadisco that our music deserves and you who make it possible. We want the awards to become more and more like everything that happens in our industry,” said Jorge Gomez, president of the organizing committee of the event.

The competitive part of the Cuban music event, which includes other proposals, between theoretical meetings and concerts, will award the best of the album released in the Greater Antilles and abroad in 30 categories and a number of special prizes to recognize the contribution of important figures and projects of national culture.

As usual, this year will be full of new releases from the country’s record labels and some independent productions that give an idea of ​​the diversity prevailing in the national music scene. One of the most anticipated categories is First Film, with six nominees, including Camila Daniela with 11:11 (EGREM), Aldama brothers With Parallel (BisMusic), dreams (BisMusic) by Rumba Timba and also Nasobuko (National Center for Popular Music), Oliver Valdes, black AND white (Hummingbird Productions) Andy Garcia and enthusiastic Collect (Production Hummingbird).

In the live concert section on Havana concert (BisMusic) Jose Maria Vitiera and IN F stable, from Interactive. In the studio concert category, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas stands out for its 70 years with the power of rumba (BisMusic), as well as Live in Havana (Hummingbird Productions) Alejandro Falcon and Cubadentro.

my soul in songs (EGREM) by pianist Rolando Luna received several nominations, including an anthology/versions and an instrumental section. Album Ancestors Symphonic (FAC Music/El Cerrito Record) was nominated in the Alternative/Fusion category along with From inside (EGREM), from Karamba, and water Gave oscaretto (Kaguamaconda) troubadour Oscar Sanchez.

Among the wide variety of nominees, materials of great aesthetic value stand out, such as XXI beatitudes (Unicorn/Abdala Productions), José Maria Vitier, Mozart And mambo: Cuban dancing (Alpha Classics) Sarah Willis and Orchestra of the Lyceum of Havana, Housing (EGREM) in good faith or attack boy (Dedication to José Luis Cortes El Tosco)(BisMusic), produced by Germán Velasco.

These productions join many others that make up the broad spectrum of Cuban music’s recording universe, whose awards will be presented at two gala concerts to be held on May 3rd at the Nacional de Cuba Hotel and again on May 7th at the National Theatre. Cuba. In addition, several special awards will be given to Cuban recording work and the ongoing work of various researchers to preserve the cultural and musical traditions of an island that, against all odds, continues to resonate.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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