The Creative Heart of Heras Leon

We first met him through his stories, full of realism and indescribable sensations. I still remember our first day as a student at the Onelio Center. There he was with his wife Yvonne Galeano and fellow writers Raul Aguiar and Sergio Sevedo.

Very soon, the Chinese became more than just a teacher or a literary reference. He was a friend to us and something of a big brother, with criticism, advice and an extraordinary ability to teach. I admire his talent, but especially his kindness, his devotion to creativity and Cuba, his ability to dream and continue the path of beings even in the midst of hurricanes of misunderstanding.

His death on April 13 causes us great pain. Social media is flooded with regrets, souvenir photos, and other displays of affection. And this is what the Chinese really were and are very fond of. His dimensions of kindness and humility seem almost out of science fiction. They make it a special being.

Winner of the 2014 National Literary Prize for his life’s work, Eras León is one of the most important writers of the period of the Revolution, not only for the quality of his storytelling, but also for his portrayal of transcendent historical events such as the confrontation with the mercenary invasion of Playa Giron and other features. stages after 1959.

Today I also think of the orphan Geras at the age of 12, who was a shoe shiner, newspaper and lottery ticket seller, porch cleaner… during part of the 50s, but who never stopped fantasizing. I imagine a boy who fought against the aggressors in Chiron and later reflected this experience in his book The war had six namesfor which he received the UNEAC David Award.

I think he saw him happy when he received news of his unique mention in the Casa de las Américas competition in 1970. steps in the grass. And then sadness, closed doors … because of the well-known dispute in the ideological and cultural sphere, provoked primarily by criticism Another mention of the StepsRoberto Diaz, who unleashed a storm.

In addition, with an outstanding work as a cultural critic, Eras is an example of affection for Cuba, the country and its people. His short stories, including Steel And matter of principleIt contains a lot of autobiography. access your book complete stories this means the possibility of following his creative paths and an important part of the recent history of our country as a society.

It is inevitable to remember the days at the Onelio Center when he and other teachers fueled our desire to become writers. It seems to me that he sees him again advising, smiling and talking about levels of reality, types of storytellers, underground currents of meaning … in short, about that other world that is so close to him: about literary devices.

compiler Problems of fiction, Eduardo Heras Leon is in the bowels of many young people, for which we are grateful to him. His recognition has been numerous, including National Critics and Chronicles Awards; Luis Felipe Rodriguez; The reason for the existence and difference of national culture, as well as a copy of the machete awards of Generalissimo Maximo Gomez; a copy of the machete of Major General Serafina Sanchez; Order of Felix Elmuz from UPEC; and the title of Youth Teacher, awarded annually by the association Hermanos Saíz.

El Chino, as his family and friends affectionately call him, is also a symbol of resistance and humility, having had a remarkable career as a writer, educator and cultural cultivator. A teacher we will respect and always love. There are his texts and an example from life. Your heart will continue to beat, albeit in a different way.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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