Final Statement

The 23rd International Biennale of Humor we are honoring does not end with a culmination, it begins with the satisfaction of visiting a dozen exhibitions that the public from Artemis and Havana will be able to enjoy. Once again, we gave Villa del Humor a fresco that will remind us of her for two years.

Comedians and cartoonists, under the slogan “Laugh at Machismo Seriously” we have spent days sharing, reflecting and exploring debates about patriarchal discrimination, masculinity, gender violence, social inequality, inclusive language and women’s empowerment. Women and their reflection in graphic journalism.

These concepts are as important as Chinese ink, cardboard, and our computers for integrating new knowledge that allows more inclusive and non-discriminatory ideas to be communicated. The Biennale cannot be outside of the social changes taking place around the world: humorous conversations about new gender roles are laying the foundations for an egalitarian society that will keep us moving forward.

The more than a thousand entries received comfort us with the high unifying power of Cuban graphic humor’s most important event, but it also worries us when we analyze how macho stereotypes continue to be reproduced in different latitudes of the planet. Cartoonists – men and women – are deeply reflecting on what is now a new topic in publications: gender equality and respect for the rights of women and girls.

The first face-to-face biennial since the COVID-19 pandemic had a protagonist: the city of San Antonio de los Baños. The mass inaugural parade is a sincere display of respect for tradition and the defense of identity. In difficult economic conditions, graphic comedians received the support of the state, government and various organizations such as the Federation of Cuban Women and its Editorial de la Mujer, which allowed us to hold a successful event and strengthen the international position of the Art Biennale. Humor.

After hard work, the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, graphic humor and national culture are given a new space for their dissemination and commercialization in the Galleria 23 and 12 Vedado in Havana. We begin this new thematic phase with the most important element of Cuban culture: Manuel Hernandez Valdez, who gave us his smile and deep reflections. We thank the Ministry of Culture for responding to a long-standing claim.

In addition, we thank the Union of Cuban Journalists for its creative leadership and for facilitating the presence of national and international representation in debates and exchanges that should be permanent in our teams and newsrooms. In addition, recognition to the organizers of the event, both UPEC and the government of San Antonio de los Baños, the provincial department of culture and all those who had a hand in the successful completion of each event.

Gratitude to the members of the jury: specialist of the National Museum of Fine Arts Yahima Rodriguez Pupo; director of the Museum of Humor, Jesús Victores Rodriguez; multiple award-winning Michel Moreau Gomez, who made his mark with an expressive poster. To Dixie’s teacher Edith Ratchet for her warnings; Adan Iglesias and adored Colombian friends Nani and Turcios, who heartily agreed to be part of the jury and select our biennale to celebrate their 30th anniversary of marriage.

To all those who contributed to the realization of this 23rd. Biennale, which we consider to be of high quality, thank you very much. See you in San Antonio de los Baños in just two years.

A hug from Cuba.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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