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I am not going to deny that for some it was a challenge, and for many an intractable riddle, the fact that at this moment the International Biennale of Humor was being convened in San Antonio de los Baños. The previous experience, two years ago, was virtual, and no doubt, despite the fact that we could not shake hands and hug each other tightly, we managed to exchange works, criteria, congratulations, and it turned out to be a great event, with our features, but unforgettable. .

This time we went back to charge and wager with everyone and for the good of everyone, as the Apostle pointed out, and the result was magnificent. A Biennale full of significant halls, efficient and collaborative workshops, the conspicuous presence of the creators, the public, the press, managers … even the transport for communication between the capital and Villa del Humor was always at the indicated time and place; something that we Cubans have already erased from our emotional memory.

From zero minute, when the traditional parade of the Ariguana people began, in deference to all the graphic humor in the world and in particular to his beloved and symbolic characters El Bobo (Abela) and El Loquito (Nuez), to the emotional Closing, for the first time (with since I participated in these meetings many years ago) in the city’s central park of humor, every moment deserves to be kept in the heart.

Perhaps this assessment, with which many agree, was influenced by the fact that we had not seen each other for such a long time, or a strong desire for at least something to return to its previous course … from beginning to end, a transcendent energy flowed that we all needed and which, no doubt, is due to the enormous efforts of those who were responsible for each task. I do not rule out that so much good mood is due to the fact that this publication was dedicated specifically to women and their social integration. It is well known that they are a vital and necessary force for building the better world we all aspire to.

I do not want to dwell on specific events so as not to underestimate or omit any action, no matter how small, however, I believe that we will always have to point out the moments that have become the pillars of this temple of humor that we are all building.

I have already spoken about the parade and I would like to add a wide and enthusiastic participation in the realization of the mural under the artistic direction of our already legendary cartoonist José Luis of Palante. The Laughing without being sexist workshop was an enjoyable and educational experience that we should integrate into our meetings more regularly, especially for creators.

In my opinion, the icing on the cake was the opening of the exhibition. Manuel – leadershipat Galeria de 23 y 12. I mean not only the fact that once again I enjoy the outstanding work of this huge cartoonist, born in Matanzas and baptized in I stopped, which already belongs to the world and simply responds to the name Manuel. It was a tribute to his 80th birthday and all his dedication to the noble art of making us laugh and think. This activity had a magical climax in a melting embrace, in good humor and love, between Manuel and Pedro Mendez, two pillars of Cuban humor of all time, who seem to tell us from their endless work that humor, good humor, anything can.

As if that weren’t enough, this exhibition also marks the beginning of a new space where graphic humor will be present. An excellent place, a historical corner, an old debt to Cuban cartoonists, more than paid for by various institutions and officials, headed by the Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso.

The heartfelt posthumous tribute to our longtime friends and colleagues Mercedes and Miriam is very close to me; important and unforgettable in the history of Palante and Cuban humor. Also, the memory of Francisco Villamil in the 80th year of his birth, with a sample of his imperishable humor, was a gesture of love and respect for another of the great sons of San Antonio de los Baños.

There was no shortage of a moment of friendship and admiration for cartoonist Aristides Hernandez (ARES), who cut the cake to celebrate his 60th birthday, a day that will last until September 2 next year. exhibition To Ares!, a toast with humorexhibited at the Ariguanabo Foundation collects some of his extensive, award-winning work as a small sample of this formidable artist. Special thanks for the emotional and timely “call” from Angel Boligan to congratulate his brother on a thousand projects and unforgettable experiences.

I can assure you that all exhibitions enjoyed quality and distinction. Applause for the young cartoonist from Las Tunas, Yanely Rodríguez Escamuchero, for her Breaking the rules. And Eduardo Abela Torras, as usual, led us by the hand to another piece of humor and work, extremely Cuban and simply brilliant, from his Sales Garageat the Villena Uneac Gallery.

Necessary and deserved were an afterthought Cartoon womanpresented in the city museum, and at the exhibition Melaito at the Biennaleorganized by the cinema hall of San Antonio de los Baños.

Moro (left) talks to Turcios Colombians as they make a mural. Photo: Adam

Another experience that does not need to be a constant biennale was the Rías siempre children’s competition, in which primary school students demonstrated impressive and unbiased talent, especially the girls who won all the prizes. Good news for the rare presence of women as creators of the humor that is exhibited on the island.

Much will remain unsaid in the inkwell… more precisely, on the hard drive and in my memory… and in the memory of the vast majority of us who were there. There will be no shortage of those who will say that not everything was great, and this is true.

Among other things, I think that the main hall, the one that hosts the event, despite the large participation of different countries, did not enjoy the quality of past appointments; but there were good entries, invaluable suggestions, that were awarded by a sumptuous jury of creators and patio experts and a couple of great cartoonists and people of Colombian origin. A couple because they are a married couple who have chosen our Biennale to celebrate their three decades of loving and professional union. Adriana Mosquera (Nani) and Omar Figueroa (Turcios), who melted among our cartoonists and our entire city with indescribable humility and love. To thank them, the organizing committee led by the indefatigable Jorge Legañoa, the director Jesús Victores Rodriguez, as well as the staff of the Museum of Humor, Upek, the Ministry of Culture and all the institutions and directors of the province of Artemis and those who made it possible To revive our dreams, I dedicate the last lines this text, which will never be enough.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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