Return to Africa to unite our essences

SANTIAGO DE CUBA. – To understand and use the connections of the vast and diverse culture of the African continent, its values ​​and traditions, which today are spread around the world through its diaspora or as a legacy of centuries of colonization. and slavery, representatives of the diplomatic corps of this region of the world, accredited in the country, gathered in this city.

Within the framework of the panel “Tradition and Modernity”, the first academic activity of the 21st century. At the International Conference on African and African American Culture, which will be held here until April 16, the diplomatic representatives of eight African countries agreed that this unique identity is a source of unity that can help strengthen their economic and cultural relations in the pursuit of progress. peoples of the continent.

The Hon. Mr. Benaoyaga Bernard Mese Okoyen, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a country of over 100 million people and considered the largest economy in Africa, insisted that the black continent today is connected to the world through its culture and traditions, and urged to be more and more united to enjoy this diversity.

For my part, the Honorable. Mr. Maher El-Adawi, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, a country that is celebrating the 74th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, spoke about the significant contribution of this country to authentic African culture and called for the export of these values ​​to be a feature of interaction and cooperation today.

Despite the influence of the colonialists, the customs and traditions of African cultures resisted, emphasized HE Mr. Eliseu Joaquin Machava, Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique, and called on new generations to drink from these values ​​in order to stop attempts at cultural domination through social networks or stereotypes of mass culture.

About 250 participants from 25 countries turn their eyes to Africa. Photo: Jose Emilio Oliveros

The Mozambican diplomat confirmed the black continent’s solidarity with the Cuban struggle against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States, which he called criminal.

The meeting was also attended by the representatives of Burkina Faso, Ghana, Angola, Guinea and Mali, who agreed that returning to the continent, the cradle of world civilization, with the confidence that culture is also a geopolitical element and an instrument of domination, means protecting the future of mankind.

Lectures, art performances, workshops, book presentations, and the exchange of over a hundred presentations related to topics such as gender, race, and identity; history and ethnology; literature and linguistics; Medicine, culture, religion and the expression of African heritage in the arts complete the program of the event, which is attended by about 250 participants from 25 countries, including non-African countries such as France, Mexico, USA, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

Sponsored by the Don Fernando Ortiz African Cultural Center based in the city, the event is dedicated to the presence of the African substratum in Cuban culture: music, dance and plasticity, and seeks to destroy the view that points to Africa from the ignorance and stereotypes of centuries past.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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