A gift from craftsmen to the smallest in the house

The 1st Cuban Children’s Fair began this Monday in Havana under the auspices of the Cuban Foundation for Cultural Property, where kids will be able to learn and play with new didactic tools for a week, according to Prensa Latina.

The event, called El trompo, will run until next Sunday (closing day with Luba Maria Evia) and aims to promote the work that the island’s artisans make for children, such as toys, textiles and shoes.

The presentation coincides with the training break for the Victory Week, and the part of the population to whom it is addressed will have the opportunity to participate in traditional games, creative workshops and concerts for several days. In addition to popular clowns, the fair will feature circus performances and a demonstration of Chinese martial arts.

In cooperation with other institutions from the sector of culture and sports, the Cultural Station at Linea and 18 in Vedado, Havana, will host about thirty national exhibitors and an equal number of foreign artisans.

The cultural program will be extensive, with a variety of offerings that will bring little ones and some adults closer to making toys, such as how to make a kite, so loved by the whole family.

According to the general director of this Cuban craft space, Arturo Valdes, the large commercial festival, but above all didactic, will have 25 stands for creators and four institutional ones, as well as the presentation of forms of non-state government.

He added that for everyone involved in this project, this is a gift, since the Fund has a system of fairs that supports all the interests of the population.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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