Platino Awards showcased the great Ibero-American cultural mosaic

The touching and decisive words of Benicio del Toro and Ricardo Darín gave the Platino Awards a special note of distinction that confirms Ibero-American cinema.

A ceremony that attempted to showcase the diverse Ibero-American cultural mosaic, from the classic Chabuca Grande, La flor de la Canela, flamenco in honor of Carlos Saura and the most modern Colombian singer, Sebastian Yatra.

Platinum of Honor, Puerto Rican Benicio del Toro (traffic, usual suspects, Che, Promise, Hitman) stated that “while things have changed a bit in Hollywood”, there is still the problem that the roles given to Hispanic actors tend to reflect stereotypes.

When I had to play these characters, he always strived for their humanity and complexity, portraying them, and I think that we have to deal with this and the way he sometimes copes with rejection, ”said Del Toro.

Another colossus of the seventh art, Ricardo Darin, was chosen as the best actor along with the Spaniard Laia Costa (five little wolves), he dedicated his words twice (individually and for the film Argentina, 1985), “the incredible humanity of a man named Julio Cesar Strasser”.

Darin (Nine queensYes, Secret in their eyes, wild tales, Son of the bride), there were also words for the film’s award-winning director Santiago Mitre, and especially a call for Nunca más in Argentina and around the world against dictatorships, violence and disappearances.

The feature film Golden Globe and Goya won three more awards for Best Screenplay, Art Direction and Film Value.

As expected, another film with a triumphant success in the platinum categories was the rural drama As Bestas, directed by the Spaniard Rodrigo Sorogoyen, which won awards for best director, supporting actor (Luis Zachera), sound and editing.

In the same vein, although with a different tone than in the story, the Chilean 1976actress Manuela Martelli’s dazzling directorial debut was certified platinum for Best First Film, a film that combines intrigue with a subtle portrayal of the fear and horror of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship.

Also Chilean, Andres Wood (machuca, Violetta went to heaven), received recognition for best TV series, with News of the kidnappingbased on the book of the same name by Colombian Literature Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez.

Gabo’s brilliant analysis of the fight against drug cartels in the 1990s, which, by the hand of Wood and the son of the writer Rodrigo Garcia, received a statuette for best director and another statuette for the main character, Colombian actress Cristina Umaña.

Among 161 productions from 21 Ibero-American countries, nearly a thousand entries have been selected for the X Edition Platino Awards.

Argentine-Spanish comedy official competition won the award in this section, which is awarded for the first time, and the Bolivian Utama (Bolivia) received two platinums for original music and photography.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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