Cuba and China present joint TV program

The directors of China Media Group (CMG) and Cuban Television presented this Friday the television space ConTextos dedicated to information about the Asian nation.

Zhang Busin, Minister Counsellor, Chinese Embassy in Havana, stressed today that the program jointly launched by China Global Television Network (CGTN in Spanish) and Caribbean Channel is a new milestone in cooperation between the two countries.

He added that television production demonstrates mutual trust and desire to develop bilateral relations and is a window for mutual understanding between the two peoples.

What CMG Latin America CEO Zhu Boying meant was that in the face of the international media landscape and manipulation, our media must have more diverse, fair, impartial and rational voices.

He especially noted the cooperation between the two countries and how the current issues of the two countries were reflected in the mutual information space.

Similarly, Zhang Busin reaffirmed his willingness to promote various exchange initiatives between Cuban and Chinese media and praised ConTextos as the first joint program, which he described as a new way to successfully cooperate with the media.

The First Vice President of the Cuban Radio and Television Institute, Valdo Ramirez, called the historical ties between the two countries an example of a relationship of mutual respect between peoples, a legacy that future generations should preserve, and emphasized political similarities in the struggle against unilateral sanctions, for peace and multilateralism.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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