Three decades of pilgrimage

With an extensive program that includes concerts, theoretical events, spaces for plastic and performing arts, book presentations and tributes, the 30th edition of Romerías de Mayo will take place in the city of Holguín starting this Tuesday, the agency recently announced. Cuban news.

The World Festival of Creative Youth is known to be organized by the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) and dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the birth of José Martí, 4th. congress of this organization, and to the people and culture of Mexico.

Armando Ruiz Olivera, President of AHS Holguín, commented at a press conference that Romerías will cover many locations in the city this year, with more than 16 events and several squares to promote avant-garde young art.

Three decades of the creation of this mega-event will be celebrated, tributes will be paid to the founding personalities, young artists from all over the country will take part, as well as teachers of young people who, through their work, contribute to the development of innovative creativity in Cuba, he explained.

Thus, the Congress of Our Thought on Memory, which is considered the basis of the event, will host a conference on the first day, hosted by the researcher Francisco López Siveira, National Social Science Prize 2022, emphasized Luis Felipe Maldonado, in charge of the organizing committee.

This theory competition has as its main theme “Intercultural interaction between the peoples of Cuba and Mexico” and will add delegates from different provinces to conferences, tables, panels and debates; In addition, the Memory of Ours awards will be awarded for a research and socio-cultural project.

Babylon, a space for the fine arts, will be dedicated to frescoes, as a tribute to the Mexican movement of the first half of the 19th century, for which several interventions of this type will be held in different spaces and institutions of the city. carried out by students of the El Alba Professional Academy of Plastic Arts and young artists from the country.

Among its most relevant events stands out the solo exhibition of artist Lesbia Vent Dumois, winner of the 2019 National Plastic Arts Prize, who will also lecture on printmaking techniques, said Roxanne La Haut, who is in charge of the space.

Meanwhile, the performing arts will showcase an extensive touring program both on the streets and in the parks, as well as in the halls of the Eddy Sunyola Theater and Cultural Complex with the participation of Morón Teatro, Teatro Tuyo, Teatro de la Totalidad and the humorous group Etcétera; In the same way, the 20th anniversary of the “Dance in Public Landscapes” space with the participation of Codanza will be celebrated, its organizer Yasser Velázquez emphasized.

For its part, Cámara Azul, an event that brings together young audiovisual creators, will host screenings, panels and discussion tables on the art of animation in Cuba, said Aniel Santisteban, section leader and organizer of the segment.

Common words, Literature meeting in Romerias de Mayo, dedicated to the centenary of the Cuban poet and researcher Fina Garcia Marrus, with debates, book presentations and poetry readings; while Blogegerías will pay special tribute to Carlos Parra Saldívar, one of its founders, who passed away last year, and will host, among other things, two panels on women in political communication.

Musically, these Romerías de Mayo will feature Franck Delgado, Raul Paz, David Blanco, Polito Ibáñez, Rey Fernandez, Manuel Leandro Sánchez, Raul Prieto, Eduardo Sosa, Caramba, Norberto Leyva, Luis Barberia and Figaro Jazz Club, among others . groups and soloists who will perform at venues such as Quiero una canción, Destrabando la trova, La plaza del arte joven and La Esquina del Jazz, in addition to opening and closing concerts.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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