Mention in a fairy tale for the writer Holguin

Olga’s writer Emerio Medina Peña got his job done Welcome, Mr Kerry.a mention in the short story genre in the recently completed 63rd edition of the Casa de las Américas Literary Award.

The aforementioned book, according to the Cuban News Agency, brings together seven stories, among which, in addition to the one that titled it, Crows fly at dawn, The man who came to readparadise Conversation in a cafe in Parisworks reflecting the searches and obsessions of one of the most recognized authors of the contemporary literary scene in Cuba.

The jury, which included Oliverio Coelho (Argentina), Luis Laya (Venezuela) and Alberto Marrero (Cuba), awarded Medina Peña’s notebook with a mention, as well as night at homeEsmeralda Torres from Venezuela among 353 books submitted; the prize in the nomination “History” corresponded to the book we are all an islandColombian Luis Felipe Mestre.

Emerio Medina Peña, resident of the municipality of Holguín in Maiari, won the award for his story in the 52nd edition of the competition with Boot on a dead bull and to be mentioned in the same competition with this book in 2020 along with the Argentinian Godetti Damian Emilio, and the Mexican storyteller José Manuel Ríos Guerra won with Literature is serious.

“The roundness of the story made me dwell more on this genre, demand more from myself, convince myself that this work is ready; Of course, today I believe more in the communicative power of the story,” says the writer from Holguin.

Born in 1966, a mechanical engineer by trade and also a storyteller for children, Emerio received, among others, the Ibero-American Julio Cortázar Prize for Storytelling in 2009 and the Alejo Carpentier Prize in 2016. His books include Night rendezvous for open spaces, blood forms, Cafe under umbrellas on the Seine, Line in the middle of the glass And last ride.

This year, there are about 480 entries corresponding to the genres and categories of Short Story, Witness Literature, Studies in the Black Presence in America and the Contemporary Caribbean, and Brazilian Literature.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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