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Havana Phoenix coming soon


New show by Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba called Havana Phoenix He will take the stage on the 5th at the Marty Theater in the capital, promising the band’s rebirth in the form of a mythological bird.

According to Prensa Latina, Liszt director Alfonso announced that the world premiere is dedicated to the Cuban capital and the city’s historian Eusebio Leal (1942-2020), and in the play the dancers transform into restoration builders. the historic center of Havana, conveying the idea of ​​rebirth, optimism and faith.

According to the exhibition, plastic artist Alicia de la Campa conceived a piece that Alfonso says sums up the essence of Havana Phoenix.

The work shows that “above all adversity, a soul arises that flies to convey the hope that humanity needs most at this time,” he emphasized.

Havana Phoenix According to the director of the dance group, it will be on the Marti Theater poster until the 21st with images and scenes ranging from the DNA of Cubans, marked by the presence of Spain and Africa, to today.

The production brings together several parallel worlds in different periods of national history, and from a Cuban point of view, it is projected internationally, Alfonso told the press a few days after the premiere.

In addition, the soundtrack is based on selected Cuban composers such as Amadeo Roldan, Cindo Garay, Gerardo Alfonso, Guido López Gavilán, Lucía Huergo and Roberto Valera, among others, combined with Carmen Souto and Edesio Alejandro.

This show is also fueled by the choreographic imagination of the dancers and teachers trained by the company, as well as Lizt Alfonso’s production itself.

Among the solo dancers who will take the stage are Thalia Gil, Ellie Lurent, Miguel Angel Cala, Yaslubia Diaz, Kayla Cruz and Rocío Vazquez, who were supported by the dance group and several students from the group.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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