In the sounds of the island

ALMOST at the gates of the new edition of the Cuban Recording Festival, the most anticipated event of the music industry in our country, the details of the celebration, which will be held at various venues in Havana, are gradually being revealed.

Cubadisco 2023 International Fair, a great showcase for the wide variety of sounds that the national archipelago has, returns this Saturday to learn about the record-breaking events of the past year, as well as connect creators with their audience, reflect and push the lines of action along the paths of our music.

After a few days, the details of the program became known, which will include theoretical meetings, musical presentations and regular discussion platforms for professionals in the Cuban music industry.

One of the first confirmed dates is a concert by the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Diana Garcia as guest conductor, along with young pianist Rodrigo Garcia. The recital will take place on Sunday, May 7th at the Covarrubias Hall of the National Theater of Cuba and will be one of the events that will mark the launch of the new edition of Cubadisco.

Similarly, Cuba’s National Theater is assured that Covarrubias will host other presentations, such as a solo concert by Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalene, who has already confirmed her visit to the Greater Antilles through her social media. “I will play in Cuba for the first time! I should have fun and learn from so many talented colleagues… very, very excited,” the translator commented excitedly on her official Instagram account.

In the following days, Korean group K’ Arts, Dj Mapaná from Colombia, along with Cubans Dj Lejardi and La Cruzada will take the stage of the National Theater, as well as a gala concert dedicated to Venezuela and Colombian-Spanish singer Marta Gomez and other patio artists.

Lyceum Orchestra

Another of the agreed proposals will be a concert to be held on May 6 at the Oratory of San Felipe Neri, the main characters of which will be the pianist Marcos Madrigal, the soprano Barbara Llanes and the Havana Lyceum Orchestra conducted by José Antonio Mendez. Padron, host of the symphony concerto by Hubert de Blanc.

It is the Lyceum Orchestra that is one of the bands deserving some nominations in this new edition of the Cubadisco 2023 awards in various formats, from Hubert de Blanc, the Flying Dutchman Volume 1. Chamber music (La Ceiba, Historian’s office), before Mozart and Mambo: Cuban Dances (Alpha Classics) with Sarah Willis; Harmony (Bis Music) along with Barbara Llanes; And Havana Concert (BisMusic) along with Jose Maria Vitier, Nyurka Gonzalez, Javier Cantillo and Marcos Madrigal.

These nominations are part of a wide range of exquisite musical diversity presented in 30 categories and a series of special awards that, as usual at this event, testify to the vitality of the Cuban record market through independent production. first of all, proposals coming from Cuban record companies, organizations that celebrate special anniversaries this year.

Bis Music – celebrates its 30th anniversary – Producciones Abdala on board with 25 springs; Colibrí Productions, celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Musical Recording Company (EGREM), which set the standard for 60 years of creativity, brought the best of their latest catalog to the Cuban Recording Party.

Very close categories

As usual, during the days of the gala concerts, we will find out which works win the award in categories such as anthology and versions, in which materials, such as my soul in songs (Egrem) Rolando Luna and fascinating world (Colibrí Productions), dedicated to Santiago Feliu, produced by Ruly Herrera and Enrique Carballea.

In the same way, in Opera prima, the dispute takes place between 11:11 (Egrem), Camila Daniela; Parallel (Bis Music) by Aldama Brothers; dreams (Bis Music) Rumba Timba; Ensemble Raptus (Production Hummingbird), Black and white (Hummingbird Productions) Andy Garcia; And Nasobuko (CNMP), Oliver Valdes.

Other categories such as Music Documentary, Live Concert, Studio Concert, Alternative/Fusion, Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance Music or Song are of interest to music lovers, who can consult all the nominees on the official pages of the Cubadisco 2023 event. There are such phonograms, like Attack Chicho (Tribute to Jose Luis Cortez, El Tosco) (Music encore); repayment of debts (Abdala Productions) by Maestro Joaquín Betancourt and his Joven Jazz Orchestra; Symphonic ancestors (FAC Music / El Cerrito Record), Síntesis, X Alfonso and Eme Alfonso; and 70 years with the power of rumba (Bis Music) by Muñequitos de Matanzas.

Seven songs will compete among the nominees for singles, among which That I have nothing to do with itMaiquel Blanco and his Salsa Mayor directed by Maiquel Blanco; Yiri Yiri BoomDaniel and Vitrola Cuban Mix, directed by Alain Perez and Alejandro Perez (Egrem); Let’s go winNsila Cheche, directed by Juan Manuel Montoto Pascual (Creart, Ministry of Culture); oldestfrom the duo Buena Fe, directed by Israel Rojas (Egrem); follow this pathfrom the Failde Orchestra, conductor Ethiel Failde (Egrem); friend QYasser Ramos and Tumbao Mayombe, directed by Yasser Ramos (Amboss Media); And When you kiss meWil Campa directed by Wil Campa (independent).

think the island that sounds

One of the most anticipated spaces of the cultural event will be the Cubadisco 2023 International Symposium, which will be held from May 9 to 12. Music professionals, scholars and lovers of reflection on Cuban recording work will visit the Abelardo Estorino room of the Ministry of Culture to discuss various topics that will be motivated by the 45th anniversary of the Cuban Music Research and Development Center (Cidmuc), the 20th anniversary of Producciones Colibrí and the 10th anniversary of the music channel Clave.

Led by Cidmuc, the symposium will explore topics as diverse as the connection between music and decolonization, Producciones Colibrí’s contribution to saving the Cuban musical heritage, Afro-Venezuelan electronic music, and podcasts. music in the rescue, preservation and socialization of the sound heritage of the nation, as well as the work of preserving traditions, among which is the danzón.

Other topics related to musical work in Guantánamo will also be touched upon, the development trends of the Parranda de las Vueltas group, an ethnomusical approximation of the Franco-Haitian community of Pilon del Cauto, in the municipality of Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba. , as well as the relationship of music and consumption in terms of local and sustainable development, among other topics of interest.

The Clave Channel, the organizers have assured, will be Cubadisco’s virtual headquarters, with programs aimed at spreading the work of the Cuban music industry through spaces such as Más allá del disco, hosted by musician René Baños Pascual in its third season. and musicologist Lea Cardenas. Offers on the table. The days are approaching when music will become a paved route that will bring us together to enjoy and share the sounds of our Cuba and other latitudes again.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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