Family code in cartoons

At the national headquarters of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), you can see an exhibition of original cartoons by the Palante humorous collective on the theme of the Family Code. The trial is part of the activities of the 16th. issue of Our Days Against Homophobia and Transphobia, which will run until May 20th.

According to Cubaperiodistas, in a presentation, cartoonist Ismael Lema, director of Palante, explained that before starting the campaign to disseminate the contents of the Code, they decided to contribute to this process by releasing a special Palante capable of addressing the main themes of the text.

From these cartoons, said Ricardo Ronquillo Bello, president of UPEC, one can trace the trail, from the extraordinary Creole grace to the huge popular, cultural and communicative struggle that led to the establishment of this important instrument of human dignity, justice, fairness and freedom.

Mariela Castro Espin, director of the National Center for Sexuality Education (Cenesex), praised the work of the press, as subjective change does not happen easily, it requires constant effort and, above all, communication to expand this educational effect.

This year, the days against homophobia and transphobia in the country celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Senesex and the entry into force of the Family Code, supported by 66.85 percent of Cuban voters and with the motto “For all families, love is the law.”

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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