Israel Rojas: Fate of Good Faith (Final)

“Israel, you have many spiritual children who sing songs of the Good Faith…

“Well, that’s what we tried. In my neighborhood, I try to influence them every day to charge them with values, so that they can understand that only connected with their time and with their reality can transform things. I learned this from Marty .

– Over time, the public demands more? Is it like having a whip on you?

– It’s a whip, yes.

“However, you confessed to me that you discard much of what you write because you, too, are becoming more and more demanding. How to support this creative productivity at the expense of quality?

“I work hard every day. I really don’t have time, I tell you honestly. You have no idea how many people I miss because I don’t have time; friends who could be much more friends, people I would like to accompany more, be closer. I go to bed at two or three in the morning every day, work, write, prepare things… I set goals with my musicians to present something to them the next day so that we can work, reinvent ourselves, create something different , because it enslaves, but it excites.

“But really, there is nothing better than when we finish a song and say to ourselves: let it come out tomorrow! It fills us with such emotions, such joy.

“We also don’t internalize a creation like Javier Sotomayor’s high jump, because if you see it that way, there’s a moment where there’s a limit to what’s possible. Our desire is to accompany the public in the time we have had to live, and at all times to do what we could best get from ourselves at all times. This is the only formula that allows you not to repeat yourself and at the same time develop in the direction of new creative areas that are convincing for us and our followers.

“Originally, the name was Buena Fe, but the rationale for conscientiousness continues to change over time. Why Integrity? Why in good faith?

— When we started, we had only one guitar, two voices and a lot of good will. At this point, I said to Yoel, “Listen, let’s be honest,” and explained my reasoning to him. He commented, “Boy, I love this because I read a verse in the Bible that conscientiousness is the assurance of things that cannot be seen…”. Something like this is very sweet that he always explains very well because he is the one who knows it. And I liked this spirit, I liked its image.

“Then we started working. When things began to improve and work better, we always thought about conscientiousness. But you know what? The title, which at first was difficult, has become a concept for protection, it has also become a prism through which any topic can be touched, any, political, social, humorous, couples … through which one can look at life and the sign of destiny. And that’s how the name became important to us. Of course, today this concept of integrity is the compass that guides our work.

“I know that conscientiousness is not very fashionable. Now a wave of apostates from reality, from this whole story, sometimes makes things, by trusting them too much, lose commercial interest. But that’s what we’re here for: to find, even where there doesn’t seem to be any, channels of communication for the topics that sell the least, so that when people come they can still find interesting things.

“When we decide to put something into circulation, to defend a song, it is because we are really passionate about it, convinced that we have reached a house with many doors so that everyone can enter and exit where he likes best, and, above all of all, ideas into circulation The most interesting thing is that the song encourages you to think.

“A song, if it makes you happy, is good: having fun is also important; if it makes you think, it’s fine for me; If, in addition to entertainment and reflection, this excites you, the job is done. Everyone worries and thinks about things they are not even aware of; but that’s what the songs are: to give a public service for reflection so that everyone can grow above all else. Let no one expect from us a song that, if made public, can harm people.

“This is how we approach creativity, wisely, with a lot of claws and a desire to attack what is being attacked, but with great responsibility, so that tomorrow, when the circumstances of what you are attacking change, people will still watch the song. and watch with love

“Every time I stand in front of the computer, I say to myself: how are you, today I will not write anything. And I remember my mom blew on the charcoal stove to make me sweet potato pudding with coconut. And I say to myself: “Look, stop talking nonsense, we have achieved everything that we have achieved to date, because one day you wrote a song that worked. You don’t know if you’ll compose tonight the one that will serve next year.” And there I put it hard and it comes out little by little. ”

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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