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Calendar came to an end, the second season, among the successes of which was the inclusion of young actors who brought new nuances and complexities to the conflicts of the now 11th grade students. 3 José Miguel “Jomi” Marulle is one of them; irreverent, extroverted and insensitive, Gustavo has come to hide the kind of character that every class needs: a harlequin or a jester.

The actor refers to those traits of the student to whom Amalia gave the book. grass leavesWalt Whitman, don’t move away from a boy who at an early age felt the need to be recognized by others, not imagining that he had a talent that would lead him to redemption in applause: “I was the funniest in the group, witty, crazy, so I always say who went from high school “clown” to student at the National School of the Arts (ENA). I entered the “carambola” thanks to the prompt of some friends, and suddenly I found in it the place where you can get all that inner world, all the creativity that I carried in myself.

This is how theater appeared in his life, the environment in which he feels most comfortable and where he does not stop developing: “The ability to borrow the essence of each of the arts to build a show on stage is a real gift, a level of freedom that only theater offers you. The working environment is more harsh and compromised; there is no room for error, this is a unique and inimitable act.

Before CalendarJomi has already worked in television. Reminds me of his soap opera roles look againseries First grade and TV movie Foreverthe latter also under the direction of Magda González Grau, an experience that, says the actor, made him travel those 12 pages of the calendar with more ease and confidence: “All directors have their own codes, different forms of creativity and the fact that he worked with her on a project before Calendarallowed me to move a little easier with regard to his procedure, his style of work.

“Magda and I will always have an eternal conflict, because I am an actor who loves to play with the text and that those additions to the script or “blood sausages” – as they are called in the middle – clarify the details of the plot. character and its conflicts; but she, knowing the perfect skill of Amilcar Salatti when it comes to creating a scene and creating an atmosphere with a script, has a lot of respect for the lyrics.

“I could say that it was convenient because we already knew each other, but there was always that friction – friend – between the two of us during filming, when Magda’s voice forced me: “Repeat what is written in the text!”, while
I tried to fill it with my own stamp. I think the result was good, we both got the Gustavo we wanted. Working with her is a gift.”

– What was your first
reaction to reading the script?

— My first reaction when reading the lyrics was great happiness. Already in progress casting I felt the nature of the character and immediately sympathized with him. Gustavo is very close to me as a younger version of Jomy, of course getting rid of his attitude of putting money over values ​​and principles.

“Making this character more than his interpretation was just fun. Even in the midst of filming, the responses to Gustavo’s jokes, to the things that I put on him, were also, in my opinion, quite effective, and I really like it. I never imagined the kind reception the character would receive from an audience loyal to the show; people want to see Gustavo more.”

“Wouldn’t you, Jomy Marull, do the same as Gustavo?”

– Jomy – “type” is more familiar, close, more sentimental; Gustavo is colder and more insensitive, he is the result of an upbringing in which material things have always been placed above attachment, values ​​and human sensitivity. There is not even a shadow of empathy in his character, he believes that everything revolves around him. These characteristics make me very distant from the character, despite the fact that we have similarities.

The character didn’t have much notoriety this season. Will their conflicts escalate in Season 3?

“In Season 2, Gustavo was a character created to play a kind of antagonistic role, he came to blow up certain situations and cause conflict in other characters. These final chapters have provided the brushstrokes of a story that will have its conclusion in the third season. New turn Calendar will bring us a more mature, sensitive and empathetic Gustavo. The audience will get to know him better, will be able to delve into his life, his home, his conflicts and get closer to him.

– What do you think, should Cuban youth series rely on characters like Gustavo?

-Obviously. I believe that one of the great successes of the series is precisely the construction of this palette of characters, far from those that were repeatedly presented to us by Cuban theatrical audiences for a young audience, both visually and behaviorally. The connection between character and viewer is also important, as the latter feels identified with their conflicts, even their style, as happened with Noemi’s character, just to mention one example.

“Very curious things happened to me on the street and on social networks. There are guys who write to me that they want to dress like Gustavo or ask me for advice to learn how to “flirt” like him. It’s crazy, but I get great pleasure from it.”

How did you accept the challenge to join the cast of an already merged series with multiple
actors whose characters have changed since the first season?

I always knew that when I entered Calendar It was a huge challenge, not only because I’m working with talented young people that I admire, but also because I “launched” a series that already had a precedent and was positioned among the most anticipated by the audience. However, I am very confident as an actor and I knew that I was working with a character that was very similar to me and that it would be much easier to work with him.

“Another thing that helped me in this process was that I knew several of my colleagues from the very environment, they were part of my theater troupe or I gave them lessons during the years when I was an ENA assistant. I joined us from day one and it was a wonderful experience with never a lack of fun.

— When I visited the film set Calendar I had a feeling that behind the scenes, many actors remained in their characters…

– It depends on the actor, everyone can have their own vision of what shooting is. In my case, I’m just as much of a spoiled boy, both on and off the set, the one who spends his time giving his teammates “bastard” and joking: the band’s harlequin. But that’s who I am, that’s what sets me apart, no matter what character I’m working on.

“To breathe such a playful and fun atmosphere on the set, of course things are going better, always maintaining the responsibility that filming requires, discipline and respect for the work of our colleagues.”

– Do you think this character marks the “before” and “after” in your career?

– For such a young actor like me, who did not appear on the screen much before this project, which came to such a successful series as Calendar She has opened many doors for me and provided me with endless new opportunities. In Cuba, very few productions are made every year and it is very difficult to “classify”, as they say on the street, as there are many young people with proven talent against two or three annual projects. So it was a blessing that Magda entrusted me with this character.

“I always knew from the script that Gustavo would love it. He is charismatic, witty, talkative and to a certain extent captures the essence of the Cubans. The reception from the audience has been incredible and I can’t respond with anything other than my gratitude.”

Jomy aims to create characters that will require him to make drastic physical changes that will force him to undergo an extreme transformation. The third season of the series is currently filming. Calendar and immersed in two other projects, the second part talking to the deadunder the direction of Alberto Luberta Martinez, and the play CandleJazz Vila Projects.

We will be able to trace the undeniable creative growth of this young actor through all the images that are yet to come, in front of the cameras or on stage. We can only say goodbye to Gustavo and wait for the third part Calendar to see how in that book of Walt Whitman that his teacher gave him, when the days are clothed in softer light, and the apple hangs at the end of the tree, fulfilled, lazy, ripe, then they will be – for his – more fruitful days.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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