Post-it and desire to resend

The new edition of the Post-it event, dedicated to young contemporary art, is back, and this time it’s a big celebration that, in the midst of its first decade of existence, looks to the future with the strength of all that has been achieved. until now.

The Cuban Contemporary Art Competition, which since its inception in 2013 has been sponsored by the Cuban Foundation for Cultural Property through the Collage Habana Gallery, is being held this year with the intention of taking stock of a decade in which artists and organizers have studied together. and also they created a space for meetings between creators of different generations with different knowledge and worldviews of reality.

After ten years of work, the organizing committee of Post-it 10 is convinced that the event has fulfilled its purpose and “has become an important platform for the popularization, promotion and legitimization of young art on the island.” The call for entries for this edition is now open from May 5th to July 30th, an opportunity to reimagine and revitalize an event that each year has different attractions, different perspectives and a huge variety reflected in the entries that enter the competition.

Patricia Santos Hernandez, Galliano Gallery Specialist. Photo: taken from his Facebook profile

“Thus, we appeal to the protagonists of this event, young artists who are aware of the importance and urgency of participation, expression and action from art, creativity.” This is evidenced by the call for entries that is already circulating on digital platforms promoting the event, which featured names such as Gabriel Cisneros, Aluan Argüelles, Lancelot Alonso, Willian Acosta, Reynaldo Cid, Osmel Herrera, Octavio Irving, Adislen Reyes . were the protagonists, Linet Sanchez, Dania González Sanabria, among other young artists who already have national and international recognition.

Throughout its history, Post-it has taken the pulse of the diversity of perspectives that characterizes young talents, envisioning itself as a platform for the exhibition of works of free subject matter capable of covering all manifestations of the visual arts, from drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, printmaking, digital art, video art and performance.

With regard to this new edition, whose submission deadline is July 30, rebellious youth He came to speak with Patricia Santos Hernandez, a specialist at Galliano Galliano, a contemporary art venue, and a member of the Post-it 10 organizing committee.

– This year the event is defended by the slogan “Re-presents” How do you feel about this new edition?

“From the very beginning, we wanted to address the idea of ​​encouraging the participation of artists from all over the archipelago. “Re-present” is part of the play on words referring to projects that are presented in terms of being more identical to the specific representation of each artist who enters the competition for the first time, as well as those who want to enter the competition again. , because if they were not awarded in previous editions and meet the requirements of the call, they can do it again.

“The Galliano Gallery, Post-it’s annual headquarters, has a research profile focused on young art and emerging artists. One of the activities of the event is to make visible what is emerging, what works as a platform for these young artists, outside of schools, perhaps self-taught, who have made a career in education. The event also sets up follow-up lines on the part of the gallery and professionals with these new artists coming out.

“Our intention from the very beginning is to identify what is new in the academies and independently. We cover the age range from 18 to 35 years old, the competition is for all young artists.

“There are several events on the schedule for these ten years. We started with an exhibition called publish file, within the Romerías de Mayo, in Holguín, where we announced a competition for this edition on May 5th. The exhibition grouped works belonging to the Collage Habana collection, which includes artists who have contributed to some of the previous editions of Post-it.

“But besides being a showcase of Cuban art or what we have in the collection of collages, this is an attempt to encourage the youngest to participate in the event and spread the call to the eastern territory, outside the center of the capital, for those artists who may not know how metropolitan galleries work, always explaining the features of the competition and showing the links we have in the archives.

“Another event will be an exhibition, which we are preparing in July. It is still in the process of being created, with the intention of compiling a list of artists who have been winners of the Post-it prize in any of the previous editions, or who have entered one of the competition samples in one of these competitions. It will be another interesting journey through these ten years of work and the evolution of our contemporary art.

“The exemplary competition of this tenth edition, which is the most significant, will take place in September. At the end of the call-up period, the organizing group receives the projects, and the selection committee, consisting of artists who have received awards in other publications, accompanied by specialists, recognized critics or active artists, gets to work. The jury gathers in two moments: first, virtually, where pre-selection takes place, and then they return to evaluate the physical works in the gallery space. Prizes will be announced next November.

— At the height of the decade, how do you assess the work done by the event to date?

“During these ten years, Post-it has been configured as a space where many artists, who today have a consolidated career and are recognized nationally and internationally, represented in various art markets, have taken their first steps through the competition. Today, these artists are a reference point for new authors who decide to enter the competition.

“This is ten years of continuous work, covering different generations, both artists and specialists, who at different stages were at the forefront of the competition. These ten years have spawned bonding processes and solidified the work and rise of many artists, and it is the pride that continues to drive us.”

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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