Young art in defense of spirituality

SANTIAGO DE CUBA. – The role of young, authentic and dedicated art in the stubborn struggle between colonialism and cultural emancipation at a time when the economic crisis also reduces spirituality was noted in the debates of the 4th Assembly. The AHS Congress in this eastern province is the second largest in the country.

For nearly four hours, the meeting turned into a team-building exercise in which the word was our reflection.

Enrique Pérez Fumero, PhD and director of radio, called for trust in the work of new artists who are here and committed to it, and called for a dialogue with creativity itself as an alternative to facing cultural policy distortions and approaches that favor the market and trivialization of higher quality artistic output.

They know a spiritual alternative for these young people who today coexist among the avalanche of digital or heterogeneous content.
banal proposals, so they decided to qualitatively defend the true meaning of the organization’s avant-garde and ratify it with their leadership in the districts and communities.

And although, perhaps more than ever, at such meetings, concern was confirmed on how to support creativity from an economic point of view, preserve the memory of young art, the constructive vitality of the young creator’s houses and the promotion of artists, it was agreed that the Association would never should move away from its essence and social obligations, according to journalist Dayron Chang,
take advantage of art, “its historical time to transform reality”.

In accordance with this principle, the meeting set the direction for strengthening ties with the system of cultural institutions, abandoning formalism in key spaces such as programming workshops, working to attract a larger audience, and foster critical thinking.

The biggest problem, said university professor Ada Leskey, is to continue the work of decolonization, and that means stopping improvisation, constant work, thinking things through and fighting, not coexistence.

Rafael Gonzalez, AHS National President, supported the idea and encouraged them to deliver quality products and champion ways to bring them to the general public.

The culmination of the event, at which the young creators were accompanied by the highest bodies of the party, government and SEC in the province, was elected a new leadership of the organization for the next period of work, headed by the approved playwright Juan Edilberto Sosa Torres.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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