April days in February

The second month of the year heralds an unexpected early spring; the spring of literature that will come with the Havana International Book Fair, which starts today and will not lack offers from Casa Editora Abril, a publisher dedicated specifically to Cuban children, teenagers and youth.

In this regard, Liset Franco Martinez, Deputy Commercial Director of the publishing house, commented rebellious youth that seal production behaved differently compared to previous years. He clarified that although impressions were influenced by the difficult situation with paper, for which there will not be as many novelties as in previous editions, they will be very attractive options and will appeal to readers.

“We are going to limit ourselves to the Chamakili collection of books, consisting of nine reprinted titles and a tenth new one: Chamakili and the pandemic. We will also have a monograph on Colombia, the country of honor; and the regular publication of the Calendar awards, which are awarded annually by the Hermanos Saíz Association.

Another interesting and new proposal for this year will be the joint publication of a children’s book, the result of cooperation with the Center for Italo-Cuban Studies, called Knowledge of the rivers and that allows you to approach this interesting topic in an entertaining way. In addition, we will make about ten titles available to the youngest readers as a result of our collaboration with Editorial Ocean Sur, whose didactic and entertaining content weighs fantasy and imagination to satisfy the public’s preferences.”

With regard to special projects, Franco Martinez assured that there are plans to print educational banners designed to support the learning process in young children. In addition, he pointed out that they have a good stock of titles with different options not only for children and young people, but also for adults, on the topics of sports, politics, leisure, romance, etc. “We will not be able to rely on the virtual store we had last year due to technical issues, but we are going to work throughout the year to share digital products later.”

April will have hectic days in February, and those who go to Pavilion C-9, located in the fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, can confirm this. Not only literature will be sold there, but also a number of actions will be held, where a meeting with colleagues from the press, in particular from the humorous weekly Palante, who will make cartoons, stands out. There will be no shortage of activities for children, exchanges with authors, interviews and talks.

“We want our pavilion to become a large cultural space where joy reigns. And, of course, we will have a branch at Abril Bookshop, our publishing house located in the Prado, across from the National Capitol.

“This edition will be a big challenge for us, because from the little and new that we will supply, in addition to our warehouses, which is not so new, we will try to make this fair an opportunity to be very close to the public again. , listen to their suggestions and take into account their criteria, because, after all, they really are the reason for our existence,” he concluded.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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