returned wallet

He was a man of short phrases and quick gestures. I saw him every day doing simple apartment building landscaping, but I didn’t know his name.

Early that Tuesday morning he revealed to me: Pablo. He was in a hurry because he found the wallet and had to return it immediately. “He’s whole,” he told me, and his eyes lit up.

He wanted me to help him return a wallet that belonged to a young man from the mountainous municipality of Giza on local television. For various reasons, I could not go to the TV center, but I thought about social networks, which are used not only for the manifestation of vanity and irritability.

In the afternoon I wrote to the boy, but he unexpectedly replied that he already had a wallet and everything else (identity card, magnetic card, money …) because Pablo Santos, the protagonist of this story, already had He found it through his daughter and they saw each other in Malvango, the provincial town where the man who knocked on my door lives.

“I almost burst into tears with emotion, not because the wallet appeared, but because of the gesture of returning it and everything inside. These losses happen often, but it is not often that someone returns the money when they are connected, especially with the economic situation in which we live at this time,” Juan Manuel Hernandez, the one who suffered the losses, answered me.

He, a physician by profession, philosophized, adding that examples like Pablo show that honest and good-hearted beings exist. “But it would be nice if the world were full of these
people, as something familiar, and not with that longing for past times, ”he remarked.

If I now tell a joke in rebellious youth It is because of reflection that it leaves us, especially this last message, which has many truths that weigh and sting. Such balanced values ​​as honesty have not faded away, and we do not live in a time when all parents had to return five kopecks “found” from a neighbor in the yard.

Maybe that’s why it has become “news” to find something and return it unscathed, as if it were a rarity, an extravagance, a genius.

We have even seen that when the gesture of a citizen handing over, for example, a tourist’s purse, was made public, there was no shortage of ridicule, jokes, and even insults. So universally “good” tried to become “ridiculous” in the logic of many contemporaries.

Apart from such inconsistencies, perhaps the most beautiful thing about this story is that Pablo, who is not even aware of the content of these paragraphs, was immensely happy when he returned the wallet. To some, this may seem banal, but for him, happiness is not in taking money “lost” on the road, but in walking with his head held high.

I sincerely believe that many more like him are needed who are able to say from the bottom of their hearts: “I was taught this”; and we need people like Juan Manuel, because among us, too, there are ungrateful people who do not even move when a lost thing is returned to them.

While it may be difficult, we need more citizens who continue to quietly grow roses, like Pablo, and make the commandments of honesty their own, “the most enviable of all titles,” as George Washington, one of America’s virtuous men, said. us.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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