Help for troubled pockets

We are going to trust, although we cannot use the phrase: the third time is lovely. Quite often, even Bobo de Hatillo knows it, price controls have disappeared in the blink of an eye. Or maybe even faster.

The trick most often used by a significant part of the sellers: the disappearance of products found on the shelves. Or having certain products near the market in someone’s house, where they send the visitor to look for what is missing. Or, simply, removed from sale.

This is what many answered, driven by their greed, and some had the audacity and insolence, before the demands of the buyers, to tell them, at the price that, as you say, they sell only in the government.

The price ceiling, based on the guarantee of a reasonable rate of return, has suffered from other, more drastic additional measures to protect it, such as the systematic use of confiscation on infringers, the suppression of their patents, and just the swarm that walks around. for free sale there to withdraw them from circulation.

The one who makes the law – remembering that it can be good or bad, but it must be observed – must never make the fatal mistake of leaving it to the discretion of everyone.

Official rules can be broken, it happens all over the world, but the confrontation must be vigorous and never allow violations to occur with a clean face, in the middle of the road. Courage, ultimately, must be done with some respect. Otherwise, it would be a confirmation that I do what I want, unacceptable here and even in a future life.

Now here in Villa Clara they are announcing a raid against inflated prices, a popular protest will begin on March 11th. Finally something practical. It’s never too late if happiness is good. We?

I know your desperate reader knows that the protection of troubled pockets will certainly be more for lack of price controls than for lack of products. And let no one doubt!

In fact, the maximum amounts are set for 20 in-demand agricultural products, the market margin of which cannot exceed 40 percent of the profit. The agreement of the Council of Government of Villa Clara, after extensive consultation with individual manufacturers and production forms, provides for penalties for non-compliance with forced sale and even the application of revocation of the sales license.

This commercial reorganization of sales, including increased control, hopefully it will become a bastion, prohibits wholesale trade in the network of markets and squares, and sales outside the province will only be carried out with permission issued by the provincial Commissioner. Agriculture.

If this effort to ease the pocket is transcendent, then it is even more important to confront those who are used to breaking the rules, and in doing so, nothing happens to them, nothing that excites those who are inclined to do the same, and the vast majority of those who obey, get punishment. the discouraging message they convey in the street gallery with the phrase that nothing has been decided, although not quite so, fortunately!

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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