City in the soul

Now, with the national parliamentary elections approaching, I am trying to set in my desires the deputy that I think Cuba needs today, in the midst of so many complexities and complexities. And never lose hope.

First, they have a very big heart to love and serve Cuba. Let him bring people to the surface of his lips and always speak for him, without hesitation or shyness. That he respect and nurture every day, as a sacred mission, the representativeness that his constituents have given him. Representativeness, which is not always achieved by belonging only to one or another stratum of society, neither by racial proportion, nor by women and men, nor by young and old. Only that he is an honest Cuban who worries and suffers for his people.

Of course, merit and service to the country are important, but not in the same way as the title of nobility displayed in the parliamentary credentials; because the National Assembly is not a space for social improvement or a gateway to power, but rather a call to serve. Ara, not a pedestal, as the immeasurable Cuban declared. Light to distinguish between the beautiful and the ugly; strength to stimulate the first and fight the second.

We need a deputy who does not think one thing, but proclaims another before the agora. May he not calm down easily, and may his truth and his feelings always sparkle. A proposing and innovative parliament that helps to find basic truths through debate, and why not? A gathering like a country, in its diversity and passions. No time to be bored.

A parliament not fixated on unanimity is almost always false. To feel a “congress of unity” between beliefs, feelings and different approaches, with a great national ajiako that pervades us genetically.

The deputies, blessed by the popular vote, will have to return again and again to the sovereign – not in rare cases – to feel the emotional temperatures and moods down there, where the country is being decided. And be vigilant, always keep on the basis of clear evidence to make a decision.

We should not sing slogans or high-flown rhetoric, acts of faith. Only works are revolutionary because they are love. Only clear and pure words, signs to reach the truth.

Although I prefer there to be more MP candidates to choose and reject, this time I join the vote, united by the importance and delicacy of the very difficult moment we are going through, spurred on by so many enemy persecutions that really respond to representativeness: end the revolution instead of improving and democratizing it further. I vote, I don’t veto. And let’s see how we play.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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