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Those who rub the crystal ball on the results of the elections for the National Assembly in Cuba have a curious coincidence with those who, of course, rub their hands with all sorts of omens or predictions.

These harbingers, just like us, those of us who deal with the daily life of a country hard hit by the many effects of the pandemic, are drawing the inexorable thread of the blockade. made in the usathe consequences of the war in Ukraine and internal inefficiency are not the best times for successful elections.

Therefore, it is not strange that they are aiming for an uprising, which they fomented to no avail and waited in the streets for it to take place in the March 26 elections.

They are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a Cuban people bombarded with a string of inefficient, elitist and dysfunctional socialist system and betrayed revolution, embarking on a silent “rebellion” of absenteeism, canceled ballots or forms.

They salivate at the nonsense that this just happened in Cuba, whose incorrigibility and historic resistance put them before the crown, which is a pattern in other electoral processes in the world: a vote of punishment.

It’s easy to smell the plebiscite that Cubans use to discourage them from going to the polls. An increase or decrease in voting curves will be considered a sign of strength or weakness in the legitimacy of our political system.

It is very important that we, as Cuban citizens, decide on this general election with a clear understanding of what is at stake.

Frivolity or civic awareness of the consequences of this process will be essential not only for the fate of this or that candidate, the call for a popular vote, or the composition of Parliament itself, but in general for the project of the Revolution.

In many ways, this will be something we will decide, not because we want it to be so – or we proposed it – but because it is forced upon us by the petty, almost hallucinatory stubbornness with which others have tried to change course, which we wanted to give to our story.

Since the Cuban people have risen triumphantly to open a new path, solutions that could have been less dramatic, more natural and simple have become of paramount importance to us. It would seem that we will be a people undergoing serious and long-term trials.

Those that we will experience in seven days will additionally take place in a different context of communication. This will be the first nationwide election in a networked society.

More than seven million Cubans with access to the Internet and their social networks, bombarded by fragmented, manipulative and defamatory campaigns of irreconcilable hybrid warfare, will be an incalculable challenge to the potential of the revolutionary institutional system, social and grassroots organizations and civil society to reach consensus.

In a very delicate economic and social situation, when media intoxication labs and their various content generators have sought to sow apathy, disbelief and hopelessness, the forces of the Revolution will have to go to war in physical and virtual spaces. at all levels, the commitment of citizens to this important cause of democracy, as well as the configuration and strength of the socialist rule of law and social justice, enshrined in the Constitution.

They have been doing this vigorously for several months, and it can be assumed that they will intensify this around the date of the suffrage, the counter-revolution and its supporters and financiers will be fed by all means, especially through their manipulative communication network, fatigue and boredom, turn it into an energy mobilization against the electoral act.

In this scenario, we will move on to one of the most exalted exercises of political participation, with the decision to create a National Assembly of People’s Power, smaller in size due to its composition, but which, we hope, will be larger due to its significance. In the new legislature, representation will take precedence over the interests of the whole nation.

These are hard times when there is no shortage of those who are losing strength, energy or faith. They also become more tangible, on the one hand, the greatness of our people, and on the other hand, mistakes, excesses and internal shortcomings. We all have high hopes for how to move towards that prosperous Cuba that we have dreamed of so many times, but which is elusive on the horizon. Parliament clearly delineates this route.

Plan against plan, 170 years after the birth of the apostle. As in many moments, “our life depends on the union.” Let us propose, by this lofty civic act of voting, that weeds and curses be resisted by “the firm and unanimous will of the Cuban people.”

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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