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False make-ups


If, in these difficult times of inflation and scarcity, we go to any cafeteria and find a variety of products at reasonable prices, this feeling may be like finding an oasis in the middle of a desert disappointment, or just a mirage of raw and hard all over. . TRUE?

In the course of a few days, and perhaps long before, since it has always existed, not a few people have been influenced by certain deliberate appearances, which for a moment tend to maintain a fictitious image of reality, while a person devoid of common sense comes to the head with a feeling that “everything is in order” to the visitors on duty.

This happens even in our homes when important visitors come to us and we do our best to please them. But honestly, fake makeup creates an illusion that eventually falls like a theater curtain without a bra or an impromptu lie.

Something similar just a few days ago was observed by those who were at the national bus station. By sheer coincidence, I was only there that day to use the ATM, and yet I quickly noticed the “out of the ordinary” atmosphere.

It turns out that a group of parliamentary candidates from the municipality of Plaza de la Revolucion, where the very busy terminal is located, were on a tour of this center. What, moreover, has become frequent and necessary in our days so that future representatives of the people know in depth the real problems.

Now, taking advantage of the context of the visit, it seems that they have decided to “make up” the terminal with somewhat unrealistic offers today in their cafeteria, owned by the Palmares group. If I tell you that canned soft drinks were sold there for 60 pesos or different types of combos with croquettes, cheese balls and other varieties at prices that barely exceeded 160 pesos, moreover, in a place where there are usually no regular offers, maybe You
I think I’m exaggerating. However, unfortunately I don’t.

What turns out to be a trick of “appearance” actually turns out to be a deceptive move, which, like a not very cunning magician, everyone immediately identifies. So much so that in the case of the terminal, the day after the visit, the assortment was reduced to two products: including peanut nougat for 360 pesos. Proof that the mirage was more of a smokescreen, or paripe, as we would say to a good Cuban.

The dangerous naturalization of such facts does us double harm. Firstly, because society is not naive and does not live in isolation or alienation from its daily problems, and secondly, because it is about the important value that trust carries.

Undoubtedly, the rooting of these attitudes is alarming, and they are reproduced more often than we would like. Of course, no one is worried that there are reasonable offers every day. In fact, we must continue to strive for this with all our might. But I know-
The current economic situation is very clear, and in addition, today these prices or products at the national bus station on February 28 constitute daily practice. On every occasion, like now.

Won’t those who make decisions about the preparation and accompanying makeup for the reception of important guests think that the latter are not aware of some falsified fact? The case of the terminal is even a minimal example, because there are other extremes that go as far as paving or painting the street hours before the visit. To be fair, will they consider the real damage that fake cosmetics are doing to our socialist project, to people and to themselves?

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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