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This Sunday we will go to the polls. Not like someone who goes to pay a compliment, or out of obligation. We will go because, first of all, the right to vote is the right to vote. A right that materializes an action of great importance in the current context, since every Cuban is part of the collective construct that a country becomes when it is founded and rises from its roots.

Unity Vote cannot be a slogan, it cannot be a dead letter on a sign on an office door or hashtag for social networks. It means bringing into parliament a worker, a teacher, a farmer, a doctor, a lawyer, a self-employed person, a delegate…

This is a vote because we are represented by people who live daily and suffer the same shortcomings as the rest; men and women know what a particular sector needs and understand, also through commitment and objectivity, how much can be materialized.

Vote for them this Sunday. Because we don’t do anything by electing this or that and leaving aside so many good people who can contribute, create… Outside of our National Assembly.

In that incredible speech for 1993, when Fidel first mentioned the unified vote, he talked about demonstrating unity, that we have not relented, that we are stronger than ever …

These are words worthy of our days, full of vicissitudes; choose between food or other basic needs in the home. But voting and voting for all can become a way to strengthen the country from this only body of ours with constituent and legislative power in the republic.

Parliament has such important responsibilities as approving the principles of the economic and social development management system; discusses and approves the State budget and controls its execution; harmonize the monetary, financial and fiscal systems; approve the general directions of foreign and domestic policy and exercise supreme control over the organs of the state …

It is no coincidence that every Cuban can decide in whose hands these and other abilities are located. It is the result of a careful process from the very beginning, not without error and always brought to perfection, the sole purpose of which is to create a National Assembly with good men and women; workers and students, youth and adults. People with experience to be able to count is a pride and a privilege.

So voting is a right and a duty. Duty to the future and to the earth that saw your birth. And not to vote is also a right, or, in any case, a non-use of the right. A missed opportunity to add, support, push towards the future of this nation that so needs its children, their intelligence, their teamwork and their ears to be able to listen when they are told if something is wrong.

It has already been said these days: calling elections in Cuba today is an act of courage. And this is done because they trust the political maturity of this people, who have always known, although not always been able to achieve this, what is best for their country.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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