Cuba chose the challenge

On March 26, Cuba chose the challenge; He voted for hope, for the promise to build together the prosperity we owe to each other.

This is how I interpret the strong message that, despite the unfavorable economic and social context, boycotts and campaigns of all kinds, 6,164,876 Cubans offered last Sunday 75.92 percent of the able-bodied people who attended the polls, according to preliminary data.

Elections of 470 deputies who will make up the new legislature, 10th. The National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) was the coherent expression of the plural, diverse, but united Cuba that we are trying to promote; and it should be remembered as the day in which the majority participated and supported the chosen path by their conscious vote.

Amidst the morning enthusiasm of the pioneers, those irresistible ballot box keepers; the discoveries of those who debuted as voters, the comings and goings of neighbors between music and laughter, across our geography, on March 26 of this year, three-quarters of Cubans join our faith in perfect socialism; We chose tilt, the challenge of transforming reality with our own hands, because true to our origins, we believe in the value of a commitment to reversing adversity, we believe in dreams, justice, dignity.

About three out of four voters voted this Sunday for a parliament that already has the world’s second largest number of women; in which the number of young people and doctors has grown; teachers, businessmen, peasants, artists, scientists, and non-state workers will need to reorganize their time to include in their lives the intention to represent the people.

And this is that when next April 19, a new Assembly will be established, on the 10th. The legislature will open with great problems; Among them, be prepared for people’s reactions and be able to really direct popular participation.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez himself has been resolute these days. The new ANPP faces enormous challenges for Cuba to overcome the current economic and social situation and legislate in constant contact with those who elected us, he insisted.

The recent meetings in microdistricts and communities within the framework of the electoral process itself have marked the route that must be urgently taken, and the elected deputies of the highest body of state power are already faced with the task of returning.

To ensure that laws and projects increasingly take into account the feelings and needs of the people; listen, communicate and respond sensitively to the issues and concerns of the frontiers on which they were elected; support the work of the delegate; ensure greater youth participation; the work of turning the municipality into a true center of public administration is undoubtedly a priority on their agenda, which from now on must take shape and strength.

10th The legislature must direct the development of the country with all efforts. On March 26 this year, Cuba spoke at the polls and her voice also carries a message from those who chose not to vote and who is an expression of how much more needs to be done to make everyone feel part of it. Here’s another challenge.

This Sunday, Cuba voted in favor of the challenge; His people made it clear that instead of hatred or material dangers, they chose a future in which well-being is achieved through unity and participation.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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